Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. FiberTalk contains psyllium husk, a rich source of fiber, as one of its main ingredients.



Q: Is there any harm in the overconsumption of fibre?

A: Moderation is key. This is also highly dependent on the type of dietary fibre, any over intake of one particular kind of fibre, be it water soluble or insoluble may be harmful to the human digestive tract. People of all ages may however consume FiberTalk with confidence.

Q: Does fibre helps with body slimming?

A: Most definitely. Fibre is a natural ‘abstergent’ that aids in limiting intestinal fat & calorie absorption, resulting in great overall slimming effect. To achieve the desired effect, one may consume Fibertalk half an hour before each mealtime.

Q: Does fibre improve skin health?

A: It does so. Fibre helps with reducing the rate of absorption of toxins into our bloodstream via daily food intake. The skin is one of the many organs which supports our excretory system, and in such helps with the expulsion of excess water and a mix of other metabolic wastes through our sweat glands. The glands absorbing the toxins from blood vessels would process it out of the body as sweat. Henceforth, in varying degrees, the presence of such toxins would affect our skin as it leaves our body or hitherto remain on the surface of our skin.
With an increased dietary fibre intake pursuant to the above, one would have “cleaner & clearer” blood stream, consequently with less toxins being expelled along with our sweat, the skin complexion clears up and becomes less prone to skin problems such as acne & dark spots.

Q: What is FiberTalk?

A: FiberTalk is a great companion for anybody with a well-rounded lifestyle, moreover it is delicious to boot. With its all natural composition, FiberTalk is a multi-fibre dietary health drink supplement that complements even the busiest & hectic schedules.

Q: Who should consume FiberTalk?

A: FiberTalk is most suitable for anybody looking to control their body weight. It is also great for those who lead a hectic lifestyle who might otherwise neglect their nutritional intake or anyone that is looking for a healthier alternative to other meal replacement drinks which are often laden with calories.

Q: What is FiberTalk?

A: FiberTalk is a great companion for anybody with a well-rounded lifestyle, moreover it is delicious to boot. With its all natural composition, FiberTalk is a multi-fibre dietary health drink supplement that complements even the busiest & hectic schedules.

Q: What are the benefits of consuming FiberTalk?

A: FiberTalk is most effective as a form of weight control, helping one regain their svelte figure & confidence along the way. FiberTalk is saturated with nutritious fibre which can promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, thus helping maintain a healthy digestive system.
With its all natural ingredients, it is a combination of high phytonutrients, antioxidants & plant-based proteins that would sufficiently complement our daily nutritional intake and dietary consumption.
Moreover, with regular exercise & a balanced diet, FiberTalk is bound to bring about the most exuberant you.

Q: How does FiberTalk help with body weight management?

A: Consuming FiberTalk prior to a meal helps with controlling ones appetite and thus limiting ones intake of more unhealthy food otherwise.

Q: How does FiberTalk differ from other products on the market?

A: FiberTalk is the product of mindful development and research based on the concept of nutritional immunology. Nutritional immunology is a scientific study on the relationship between one’s body immune system & nutritional intake. It is absolutely essential for a healthy immune system to function with a diet of high nutritional intake. Unhealthy eating habits and diet may cause malnutrition and worse, a weakened immune system.
FiberTalk is an all-natural product containing nutrients derived from psyllium, banana & citrus fruits. These superfood contain high phytonutrients and antioxidants which are very beneficial towards our body, helping us maintain a great immune & digestive system.
With its low-calorie content, FiberTalk far surpasses various weight management products available in the market which often contain stimulants that could bring about heart palpitations, insomnia & high blood pressure; they are also often highly diuretic, leading to a loss of water content (which may be mistaken for weight loss). Upon discontinued use of such products which contain stimulants & its diuretic properties, one may even find their body weight bouncing back shortly after.
FiberTalk does not contain any stimulants, nor diuretics.

Q: What about the various slimming teas on the market which proclaim their all natural content, are they detrimental to our health?

A: There are countless weight loss products available on the market, and often they come with various side effects. They may possess natural sounding names, but often these slimming teas contain high amount of caffeine, ephedrine and other stimulants. Many report of heartache, headaches, high blood pressure and stomach ulcers with the consumption of these purported slimming teas. In the worst case scenario, some even reported of renal failures with these tea that are concentrated with caffeine and thus highly diuretic in nature.
Once again, they are not advisable as a sustainable plan for weight management, as upon discontinued usage, one may find themselves gaining weight again pursuant to a relapse in metabolism and the momentary effect of weight loss from water content loss becomes unapparent.

Q: What about legitimate, health department approved slimming teas?

A: Even so, with legitimacy, these products are not above side effects.
Some such products induce weight loss through the supressing of appetite with edrafinone, phendimetrazine, phentermine, etc. These chemicals attack the central nervous system and may bring about side effects such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, nervousness and general irritability.
While some such product induce weight loss through the interruption of intestinal absorption by means of ingredients such as chitin which may cause side effects such as constipation, bloating and abdominal pain.

Q: Is the Atkins diet effective?

A: The Atkins diet (Atkins), commonly known as the "meat diet" or “low carb diet”, focuses on high protein intake, alongside limiting the intake of vegetables, fruits, and staple foods, and thus reduces fat in the body by significantly reducing carbohydrate intake. However, this method is extremely unhealthy. It will not only bring about hypercholesterolemia, but also poses serious danger to the health of our cardiovascular system. This diet may also lead to constipation or diarrhea, bad breath, headache and general fatigue. In addition, this diet method significantly increases the protein load on our kidneys, altering the acidity in the body, causing the loss of minerals in bones and impairing the health of bones in the process.

Q: I consume copious amount of fruits, but the question is why am I still fat?

A: This is due to the inherent high calorific content in fruits, especially those which are sweeter in nature. E.g. an average mango contains approximately 140 calories. Henceforth, the practice of only consuming fruits may not contribute to an effective weight loss, even so with the presence of fibre content. Not only so, it is a rather unhealthy practice to adhere to a strictly fruit diet in hopes of losing weight, as the nutrition profile is incomplete with insufficient proteins and other essential nutrients to help support the daily requirements of the body.
FiberTalk on the other hand is packed with plant-based protein and also rich in fibre, helping you lead a healthy and wonderful lifestyle with ease!

Q: Why do I get fat even when I only eat salad?

A: This is partly due to the dressings on the salad, i.e. Thousand Island, mayonnaise etc. which are high in calorie and may lead to high cholesterol. Constant consumption of salad along with such dressings, do not help with weight goals, moreover may even lead to possible cardiovascular harm from the high fat content found in the sauces & dressings.

Q: Does FiberTalk contain any cholesterol?

A: No. FiberTalk is a cholesterol-free product.

Q: Is there a healthier way to achieve weight loss?

A: The key component is losing weight healthily is taking it slowly and carry it out gradually. Do not attempt significant weight loss in a short period of time or any brash sudden decisions when trying to lose weight.
If your desired weight loss is between half a kilo to 1kg per week, you must do so through gradually reducing your calorific intake and increasing the time spent exercising. For example, a lady of 31 years of age who spends most of her time at the office and stays sedentary require approximately 1800 calories daily to maintain her current weight; to reduce between half a kilo to 1kg and achieve her weight goal, she would need to reduce between 500 to 1000 calories from her daily intake, or, burn as much through vigorous exercise daily.

Q: What are the benefits of eating vegetables and fruits?

A: More and more research shows that vegetables and fruits are crucial to the promotion of good health. Fruits and vegetables contain various nutrients such as phytonutrients and antioxidants to fight diseases, as well as essential vitamins, minerals and fibre to protect the body from chronic diseases.
Experts have long been urging people to acquire the various types of nutrients they need from their diet i.e. through vegetables and fruits rather than taking vitamin pills. This is because not all nutrients that are found in organic food can be synthesised into pills for human consumption.

Q: Is FiberTalk safe for children to consume?

A: FiberTalk is an all-natural health product that most suitable for all ages and gender. Though so, given that FiberTalk is saturated with fibre content, it is not recommended for infant under the age of 1 year old who has yet to fully develop its gastrointestinal system.
An easy perimeter to judging when it is suitable for a child to consume FiberTalk is for just about when they are comfortable and adept with a normal adult diet.

Q: Could I replace my daily meals of three entirely with FiberTalk?

A: It is not recommended to use FiberTalk as a meal replacement. Whilst FiberTalk is rich in nutrients, it is however still very low in calorie, which is insufficient to support the production of energy that is required by us daily.

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