Weight loss and better health

Hello, I’m Agnes. I’ll be sharing my mom story today. She has high blood sugar level and overweight. Her blood sugar level was about 170 and the doctor asked her to lose weight, else she will have to get an injection every week at the clinic!

So, my mom started exercise by walking. After a couple of days exercising, her legs suddenly have a lot of red spots! So, she went to see her family doctor and also a dermatologist. The doctor was not sure what is the cause and can just give her some steroid cream to apply and tried to freeze some red spots with liquid nitrogen. It’s very pain. She even did a biopsy, and the result is ‘strange disease’ and will take a long time to heal.

Then I suggested her to take a natural concentrated food, called rhapsody and emunity. Since doctor can’t provide a solution, why not try those. So she started to drink the rhapsody and emunity everyday.

After about 2 months, her legs have improved a lot and the red spots are diminishing! She also did a blood test and found that her blood glucose has back to normal level. Very thankful to my friend who introduce me of the nutritional immunology science and it’s product that helps my mom gaining better health. Another point I wanted to make is that even though my mom and I are half a globe away from each other, I can still send my warm regards thru the elead apps. Its because elead apps is a global platform existing in 13 countries and I just need to click, click , click, and the products will automatically send to my parents! Isn’t that simple and easy?! That’s my sharing. Thanks.

My mom has sciatic nerve pain on her lower back and causing her sleepless night. Doctor has injected steroid to her nerve but still didn’t help, as she still awake at night because of the pain. A doctor did a study on her bone and found that there’s too much fat surrounding her bone and left no space between the bone and the nerve. So, she will always have nerve pain when she laid down. The best way to help is to loose weight as my mom is also overweight.  The doctor suggested my mom to do intermittent fasting, and my mom did for few days but causing her to have gastric. After I got to know this, I suggested her to do the 7 days exchange diet program because I know it is exchanged food and not fasting, it will help her to remove internal fat fast and save!

She has been consuming soygreen as her breakfast for about 2 months and slowly losing some weight, which is about 6kg in a month. After the 7 days exchange diet program, she was able to loose 3kg! Furthermore, she was able to have a better sleep quality and very rarely awake by the pain. I also encouraged my mom to have the 211 plate in her daily diet to have balance nutrition and continue consuming soygreen as breakfast and teatime. Very grateful that we have known of nutritional immunology science and help us to improve our health!


Shared by:Agnes

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