We only live once, if we do it right, once is enough

Hello. I’m Junny. 

An ordinary 9 to 5 white-collar. 

I always believe that no one could provide us the comfortable life that we wish for, unless we strive hard for it.

I have steady monthly income as an office worker, but I am tied up with rigid and inflexible office hours

We dedicate our time and energy to the employment company. However, would that bring us any nearer to the lifestyle that we wish to have?

Health Improvement

I used to be very fat. I always thought that “Eat what you have to eat, if you don’t eat it, you will feel sorry for yourself”. Weight loss is always a matter of tomorrow. Are you the same as me? People around me often make fun of me being the fattest person in the family. I started to worry about meeting people. I did not look good in anything I wore. I choose loose clothes and I am afraid that people will think I am pregnant. 

Thanks to Nutritional Immunology, I started to use Soygreen and adjust my eating habits to lose weight healthily. I know what I want is a healthier and better looking body shape

Through the 7-Day Diet Exchange Program, I lost a total of 7kg. I previously thought that my diet was healthy, but after that I realized that I usually eat a lot of unhealthy food. Now my body is healthier.

Life is priceless. Prevention is better than cure.

Goal > Planning > Action > Acheive

I am an introvert with limited networks

This global health business encourages me to grow and improve myself

With the guidance and motivations from my superiors, team-mates and platform education system, I managed to grow my business during this pandemic.

In 2021, I gave myself a target to achieve Crown in iTEAM eLEAD business. With planning and dedication, I am proud that I managed to achieve it in 3 months’ time

My parents are school bus drivers and their income has been badly impacted by the pandemic in the past 2 years. I am thankful to have this side income to better support my family.

iTEAM is a global health business that allows us to explore international markets and build our passive income.   

If you want something you’ve never had, 
you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. 
Make a difference, we only live once.


Shared by:Junny Lee

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