Reaching the pinnacle of success

I’m Emilia, from Singapore, a working mother.

I have been in the accounting industry for more than ten years. At the beginning and end of each month, it is a peak time for me. Not only I have to work overtime, but I also have irregular mealtimes.  When I arrived home from work, it was time for the children to go to bed.  After tucking the children into bed, I have to continue to work from home till midnight. I was very tired and stressed.

In the company, I can be a very conscientious employee and the right-hand man of the Manager.  However, when facing my children at home, I was very tormented and guilty because I didn’t have time to spend with them.  On several occasions, when my children were behaving abnormally and had health problems, I was the last to be told.  At that moment, I feel that I am a negligent mother. Ignoring my children, my heart is completely broken!

Sometimes in the office, faces of my children will appear in my mind from time to time, what are my children doing, have they eaten well, have they done their homework, have they encountered any problems at school etc. My tears will come unconsciously, all my worries can only be in my mind. I kept asking myself, is this the life I want?  Do I really have no choice?

During the pandemic, everyone was struggling to keep their jobs and afraid of being laid off. However, in this extraordinary period, I chose to quit my job. I challenged a home maker’s role and concurrently ran iTeam eCommerce business wholeheartedly.  Fortunately, I already started plan B before the pandemic. Also, most grateful to my sister for bringing such a great career into my life.

I have time to spend with my family and children. I can participate in every growing stage of children. I can fetch my kids to and from school every day, cook for them, teach them homework, spend school holidays with them, participate in every activity at their school, their first day of school, graduations, and more.  All these can come true after starting eCommerce business via Elead Global and iTeam platforms.

Elead Global and iTeam are potential business platforms which includes both eCommerce and wellness industry. I have the flexibility to choose my work location and work time which gives a work life balance. I want to be a happy mother and a role model who can always give my children health and wise knowledge. The career that sacrifices our health and family time is valueless. However, we will be happier and be able to enjoy time with our family with a healthy life.

With iTeam as my support, even if the pandemic continues, any obstacles can be resolved. I trust that as long as I follow the team, step by step, and stay close with the team till the end, I will definitely be able to reach the pinnacle of success. 

Yes I can, yes we can!



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