Improved gut and liver health


Multivitamins, minerals and proteins are easily accessible in 1 simple drink.

Previously, before my cycling trip, I would eat a banana and a “Up & Go” protein drink. However, much to my dislike, I find the protein shake very sweet. During my cycling break, I would have another protein snack bar to replenish energy.

When I started to drink SoyGreen, I feel that my energy could last throughout my cycling trip. If it’s a longer trip, then I will top up with a piece of banana. I also started to replace my bread and coffee with a glass of SoyGreen.

SoyGreen contains soybean, 10 types of vegetables, banana, and psyllium husk. SoyGreen is an excellent meal replacement and enhancement packed with protein, dietary fiber, and phytosterols that helps to lower cholesterol and promote a healthy gut.


Fibertalk contains psyllium husk which is high In dietary fiber. So, it is an easy and convenient way to add more dietary fiber into your daily diet. I will consume Fibertalk before going for social gathering where there will be heavy meals such as buffet. I love to mix BerryBeat with Fibertalk because it has the taste and texture of a dessert. After just a few times of consuming Fibertalk, I notice my bowel movement has improved and the stools are more properly formed rather than loose like previously. This means that my gastrointestinal tract is becoming healthier. 


With my knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I found out that I have liver Qi stagnation. Some of the symptoms are getting tired in the afternoon, waking up at 3am in the morning, feeling anxious, overthinking, and constantly worrying about everything. This is also clearly shown on my tongue and pulse.

So, I take Berrybeat regularly because I know that it will help to nourish the liver. I am a meat lover and at the same time is concerned of my waistline. Another bonus I get from consuming BerryBeat is that it also helps me to slim down. Recently, I have started to consume RaisinTree. I feel the difference as I sleep better at night with deep sleep.

Shared by:Alan Ong

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