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Hi, I’m Col Lin from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this is my story….

Prior to joining iTEAM, I am a full-time Phd student/researcher, majoring in antibiotic resistance as my research study field. Thus, I understand well that the long-term use of medications or antibiotics, may do more harm to our body rather than being a cure to diseases. Hence, I am also a strong believer that: “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. Furthermore, due to the lack of understanding of functional use of medicines, had led to many incidents of antibiotics resistance. This deeply shows that it is important to understand how our body functions and what we can do to nurture our body back to its original functions and healthy state.

For almost 30 YEARS, my parents are in wet market business, having to wake up every day at about 3am, and work throughout the day until about 2pm. It is a work with lots of HARDSHIP AND BURDENS THEIR HEALTH greatly, and eventually, my father was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

I was introduced to NUTRITIONAL IMMUNOLOGY when I was looking for a way to help my father to cope with his disease and chemotherapy. Thankfully, through nutritional immunology, my father slowly regained his strength and now, he is able to go through couple of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions without much complications as well as side effects. A BETTER LIFE QUALITY!!

Due to the pandemic, my Phd research study progress was greatly affected. I have also seen a lot people and industries, struggle to survive or keeping the business going, while some, especially in the healthcare line, are thriving. This triggers me to take the initiative to look for an alternative PLAN B for my future.

Of many e-commerce businesses blooming recently, I see that iTEAM career stands out as the perfect place for me to start my career. As a researcher, I also strongly believe that our immune system is our best doctor. This platform allows me to bring AWARENESS to society that the use of medication can be prevented if we understand its importance and take precaution at early age.


Having the same believe and goals as iTEAM, and to EDUCATE and SHARE the knowledge of nutritional immunology to others, are the things that sparked my passion to choose iTEAM as my FUTURE CAREER PATH.

Through this platform, I wish to reach EARLY RETIREMENT and give A BETTER LIFE QUALITY to my parents while helping others to understand the importance of nutritional immunology towards gaining HEALTHY LIVING.

Surely, I MADE IT! Not just for the VIP, Crown or Double Crown recognitions, but it’s all the INNER GROWTH and BREAKTHROUGH that I have gained, to becoming a better and matured individual that I valued the most. NO, it wasn’t a smooth sailing for me at all. For the first 6 months, I made absolute “ZERO” sales. With each fall, I rise a step higher than before.

I’m deeply grateful that I have known iTEAM and nutritional immunology, my upline partners, CK and Sheau Chyun, are also very ATTENTIVE and EXTREMELY HELPFUL throughout my journey to building my own career in iTEAM. Not only preparing me with all the right knowledge but also encourage me to think and have a POSITIVE, MOTIVATING mind set and to always BELIEVE IN MYSELF. They made everything POSSIBLE for me! NOW, I have a network which consists 99% of strangers who found me through social media platform.

Looking forward to create more GREAT MOMENTS with everyone in my life and the team and, to fully enjoy this life journey. I hope to discover more HEALTH ENTHUSIASTIC people like us, to share my story and the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology to everyone, because I believe, every individual has the right to know the great value of having good health while chasing our dreams and goals in life.


Yes I Can, Yes We Can! 


Shared by:Col Lin

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