Give yourself a chance. Choose the life we want. Be brave once!

Life is really short. As long as we live healthily, we should feel grateful every day. Special thanks to iTeam and also my most beautiful and kind superior, Nico, for giving me the opportunity to join such a great career in health sector.

I’m Reiny, a stay-at-home mom with one child. I used to have countless dreams. When I was young, I always wanted to be a flight attendant, because I could fly all over the world and see this beautiful world with my own eyes. I also thought about becoming a school teacher, so that I could teach children every day, and I will be loved and respected by everyone. But due to my young age and yet to mature thinking, I didn’t set any future goals for myself at that time. I didn’t take any actual actions, so these dreams were really just thoughts during the time.

After I officially entered the society, I was living ordinary and have a 9-to-5 working life like most people, receiving a fixed salary every month, and only able to enjoy those few days Paid vacation every year. But it wasn’t until I got married, got pregnant, and had a baby that my life started to change.

As my son is a cleft lip baby, he had to go through 2 surgeries and many follow-up visits ever since he was a baby. In order to take care of him personally, I had to quit my job. Life after resignation made me loss of my own income and financial support.

After becoming a full-time housewife taking care of my son made me feel as if I am not contributing to ease my family financially. I actually yearn for a better life and want my son to have a better quality of life. I wanted to have my own career and at the same time to take care of my son and family.  A full-time mother can actually live out themselves. I firmly believe that no matter in any field, as long as you are willing to put in enough time and effort, the results will be there.

In the past, I tried online sales and joined different business platforms. But it never allows me to find a comfortable learning environment until I met iTeam!The days in iTeam were neither long nor short. I was introduced to nutritional immunology due to my child’s health issues. After exposing to all beneficiaries of nutritional immunology products, I began to love the scientific concept of nutritional immunology.

iTeam has a complete online training course (iTeam Business School) and various training courses, as well as excellent professional teams and coaches who lead us to advance and retreat together!

iTeam International Entrepreneurship Platform is a healthcare business that helps others. Company has more than 35-year-experienced R&D team, advanced product manufacturing technology and the safest international product testing. Due to the unique safety of nutritional immunology concentrates, iTeam’s business has already spread to all over the world.

As a scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Chen Zhaofei’s outstanding contributions have also won numerous international accolades and honours. iTeam’s business combines health trends and Internet trends, and it is a multiplication and inheritance business that earns US dollars! The iTeam entrepreneurial platform allows everyone to have a family, health, life balance, and financial freedom at the same time.

In addition to being able to learn all kinds of knowledge about health and nutritional immunology in iTeam, it is a place where I can grow myself. Every discovery here is enough to make me stronger. I never dare to speak in front of people before, I always wanted to be invisible, and even as soon as I spoke, my whole body would definitely tremble. Until now, even if I am suddenly named to speak or share, I can face myself and everyone calmly. I believe this is the confidence I have never had before. Being timid and withdrawing is something I often do. I always think of myself as a worthless person, and it’s better that others can’t see me. But, in iTeam has led me to realise the importance of my existence. Every step I take is actually seen in the eyes and heart of the people. After joining iTeam, I become more courageous to accept my imperfections.

Even though I’m not very strong or smart, I’ve learned to love myself more. What I’m trying to say is that choice is more important than effort.

“Don’t let your best self down”

If you don’t spend time creating the life you want, it will take longer to deal with the life you don’t want!

Life cannot be repeated, but life can be re-chosen!

iTeam career, is my only choice!

Give yourself a chance. Choose the life we want! Be brave once!

Yes I can! Yes we can!

Shared by:Reiny Ng

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