Failure is the opportunity to begin again more wisely

Every new days begins with possibilities

Life is full of endless possibilities

I may not be the shiniest example on a ‘life success story’ but I believe that life is all about perception and timing.

Glad to meet everyone, I am Stella Chin from Malaysia & been working in finance industry for 3yrs since graduates

Working in a bank as a permanent employee, I have so many benefits to enjoy such as medical claim on certain issues (dental / yearly body checkup), maternity & paternity leave, professional supports on job training, monthly salary is paid on time, cooperate rate on dining & stay, most interesting part is employee able to get discounts on mortgage, loan & credit cards.

There is always FREE CHEESE in a mousetrap

What happened after 3years working?

Although there is so much more to discover, learn & grow in banking industry, and the benefits & connection are irresistible, but it wasn’t the life that I desires for when I observes the work life of my higher-ranking leaders

Being an employee makes me feel less job security during financial crisis

Monthly cycle from ‘hero to zero’

Constantly searching for new sales (non repeated sales on loan products)

FAILURE is the opportunity to begin again more WISELY

So, I decided to quit & join this partnership business.
And here’s comes the new challenges
I was mentally, physically and financially ready

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur
It’s not just a livelihood but a way of life
Never ending hunger to achieve more despite tons of challenges
Great things aren’t achieved in first attempt…. this is why failure is the first step to success

But this time I begin more wisely
Through the days, I have built a branding & good reputation in consumer robotics industry with my partners

The third industry that I involved in was a ‘ECO building material’ with clay finishing

Things happens for a REASON

Due to uncertainty, risk, hectic lifestyle and frequent travelling, the high stress level and anxiety affected my hormones, health & appetite.

My health deteriorated day by day.
My weight was once dropped to 42kg (height 165cm).

At the end of the day, I withdrew my partnership in the business and took a break as per doctor’s advise.

Sounds sad, isn’t it?!
Then I swear to myself ….
Never ever sacrifice my health while making a living

With every door that CLOSES a new one OPENS

Till I met my leader Janice through Facebook
She was into this iTeam global business with profession in < nutritional immunology >
She gives me the best advice on how to improve my health by using the principles of Preventive Science

I was really impressed by consuming < NUTRITIONAL IMMUNOLOGY FUNCTIONAL CONCENTRATED FOOD > in just 7days as per Janice advise
I am feeling much better, my health, strength, stamina & glowing appearance.

I believe that everyone knows health / wellness industry is booming

Therefore, choosing the leading, reliable, trusted source are the key factors.

I’m worry-less when partnering with the Scientists, Immunologist Dr. Jau Fei Chen and being with a well-establish global supportive team ‘ iTeamworld’

I’m still the same Entrepreneur
But this time I’m exploring my business through a global gateway, with strategy & ibs system (24/7days library for entrepreneur)

I’m not limited to any time zone, boundary, mobility as long my device is connected to Wi-Fi / data, my business is ongoing + nonstop operating + zero headache + hassle free solutions

You are the ARCHITECT on your OWN LIFE
though being an entrepreneur in iTeam is very demanding / committing but it is incredibly rewarding especially it doesn’t sacrifice my health.

Have you ever wondered how you can engineer a HAPPY LIFE?

This included four MUST HAVE elements as shown below:


Besides, my personal growth keep improving, unlocking new skills
•presenting in LIVE
•video recording editing
•communication skills
•problem solving
•Giving hope to others
•recreating life value
•Never a dull moment when I’m with iTeam) be inspired to inspire

Change your VISION and your vision will CHANGE YOU

In general, most of us spent one third of life equals to approx 30yrs work life to get a desired five figure pay.

Unfortunately, not everyone is guaranteed to be able to get these increments / even promoted to a higher rank higher pay. In fact, there are only high stress level & workload that awaits us.

In iTeam, a committed Entrepreneur compressing 3years of effort to achieve a 30yrs pay as a multinational company’s CEO.

iTEAM is where and why I am putting the efforts towards the right things; it brings satisfaction like nothing else.


Time is the only thing we have
Stop constantly living in the past or future

CHANGE is the only thing which is universal constant in the world

Build your own sustainable income pipeline with iTeam today

I’m Stella, iTeam Crown entrepreneur
Your reliable business partner  

Yes I Can ! Yes We Can !

Shared by:Stella Chin

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