Choice is more important than effort

I am Wong Chun Keat, first of all, I would like to thank Jia Ho and Siew Li for introducing me to iTeam as a career platform. Currently my age is 24 years old and working full time as an intern at an insurance company. I study the Actuarial Science course in UKM from 2018-2022.

Why I embrace myself in iTeam? Well, a full-time job is never enough for me to accumulate wealth because we know that inflation>pay raise. In the modern day, inflation has eroded our money value. Since the MCO implementation in 2020, I saw that a job security was no longer secured as it was subjected to economic pressure, lay-off etc. One of the reasons I choose iTeam is because its ecommerce characteristic of an exponential factoring, throughout the pandemic, online shopping has become a trend among the people to purchase items whenever there’s a lockdown and health awareness has been sapped into everyone’s mind that health is not the first but it’s the only one. With these two factors, not only we can achieve our own aim but helping the others to realize theirs.

At iTeam, I have learnt knowledge about various products of eLead such as Berrybeat, Fibretalk, Soygreen etc. The most meaningful product I have consumed is Soygreen. Back in early April 2022, just within 7 days of exchange-diet plan, with the right amount of Soygreen and right 211 dish proportion, I have a 2.3 kg weight reduction which is quite mind-blowing for me considering I don’t exercise much. Well, the main point is after consuming Soygreen, I can do this product sharing in a simple yet natural and convincing way. This emphasize why one must consume the product before sharing it as our own experience is the best teacher/sharer.

Lastly, I believe there are still a lot of things to achieve here. While I always hear that “choice is more important than effort”, well to me, I think it choice is much more like a probability, there is no 100% in this world, there is only higher/lower probability of a thing. To conclude, health is not our priority, but it is the only asset we have, and we can’t afford to lose it. Thank you.

Shared by:Wong Chun Keat

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