Change the ordinary to extraordinary

Just like any other ordinary fresh graduates out there, I graduated from university at the age of 24 with an International Business degree.

After the graduation, I’m so glad to join one of the top developers in Malaysia.

Started the 9 to 5 work life, work hard to achieve what I want in my career.

During the pandemic, rumors are circulating that there might be a pay cut even a retrenchment!

Our management has told us that we should be grateful for not having any pay cut.

But this is a good wake up call,
Will pay cut or retrenchment happen if the pandemic never end?
Do I have any plan B?

All these questions came to my mind.
A crisis proof Plan B is needed imminently.

Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
But Today is a Gift
That is why it is called Present.

Choice is more important than efforts.

I stepped out from my comfort zone to discover the ‘Present’ called iTeam.
 It made me realize the difference between
a JOB and a Career.

iTeam opened up my mind – incredible platform,
great learning experience, fantastic community and anything you could possibly ask for.

I had discovered an International Business Opportunity with unlimited potential.

This pandemic totally changed the behavior of consumer.
Everything is towards e-commerce model and globalization.
iTeam is the gateway of international business with at least half of the earth’s population as the market.

created its unique business training platform; IBS.
A comprehensive, effective and practical guide.

iTeam created great personal achievements, financial freedom and always encourage us to Make A Difference.

Life is like an empty book
Don’t let the people to write on it.
Just allow them to read what you have written

Live A Life You will Remember.


Shared by:Jackson Ang

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