You need to make changes to see changes

Hi, I am Charmaine, becoming a nurse was my childhood dream and finally my dream came true.

After working as a nurse for 9 years, I felt like something was MISSING in my career as I always admire women who have their own business with FLEXIBLE schedules.

Besides inflexible schedules, HOSPITAL SHIFT WORK can be TAXING on the body & health too, and that explained why my Psoriasis got worse.

Looking For A Flexible Job, But It Didn’t Last Long,
So, I Started My Own Online Business.

In 2018, I finally made a decision to leave my full-time healthcare job, started my part-time nursing job simply because I love the flexibility of the schedules. (I enjoyed planning my own schedules)

However, I stopped taking any part-time jobs after my first child was born in the year of 2019. I wanted to be fully involved in her first year’s growth. Being a SAHM with zero income made me feel anxious & worthless.

Hence, I started to sell my baked goods to various online platforms to earn some pocket money while taking care of my baby girl.

Importance of Getting Plan B

Fortunately, I received many positive feedbacks from my customers and my small online business started to grow. Yayyy! Dream to become a business owner with a flexible schedule has finally come true!

One day in 2021, we received a shocking news from his company, he will be put on a furlough till further notice, it means ZERO INCOME! By the way, he is in one of the hardest hit industries – Aviation. Pandemic has changed the whole world and….our world too. Therefore, I asked him to join me to expand my online business together! From this, we can see pandemic highlights the importance of getting a Plan B. Now we both are in this online business together while taking care of our baby girl.

Looking For A Crisis-Proof Business


To be honest, I was still searching around for a crisis-proof business when we know that Covid-19 will not be the last pandemic.

Working & building a business with your partner may sound great if it works well, but there is NO PLAN B if your business doesn’t do well.

Thanks to my upline – Jovinn for introducing this Crisis-Proof Business to me, which related to Health & E-Commerce. This is something I am looking for. You can just start a business with a phone, wifi, and a 24 hours ready guidance system in the app. Anyone can start this business, even with zero experience like me.

As a business owner, I know the struggle to start a business with zero guidance system. With iTEAM, you can be successful as long as you follow the guidance system that is provided by the team.

Health, Time, Family & Wealth, these 4 keys you can get a balance point from this business.

Why I Am So Excited With eLEAD Global Opportunity?

It’s a big demand in health industry, and I can see the tremendous opportunity of online business, you can build a franchise business system around the world through ONLINE & earning second income in USD, why not?

Living in a fast-paced world, most people are busy with their daily routines and eating healthily is almost becoming the least priority thing to do in a day.

We tend to go for scrumptious meal to give ourself a treat after a busy working day. Also, due to our modern lifestyle challenges, there is a sharp rise in cancer cases, and many health problems too.

Dr. Jau Fei Chen -the founder advocates that the <Best Doctor In The World Is Our Immune System>, and we can nourish/strengthen our immune system through proper nutrition, to prevent chronic diseases.


My confidence with this company levelled up when my chronic psoriasis showed a significant improvement after taking the eLEAD food aka cells food for a period of time and I no longer need to visit the doctors for any medicines.

I Found The Meaning of Life

I gradually fell in love with eLEAD food and also, the team’s environment – a place of positivity.

In the hospital, I can only take care of the sick people when they are suffering, but by sharing the preventive science knowledges that I gained from here, it can help them to regain health and reduce sufferings.

No words can describe how happy I was when I received many positive feedbacks from my customers that their health have been improved by taking the eLEAD food & adhere to the S.E.E.D lifestyle. I knew I have made the right choice. To me, it is much more meaningful that working in the hospital.

iTEAM career not only can help people to regain health, but also a chance to change their life (financially). One of my targets to achieve from here is I want my family to consume eLEAD food FREE for lifetime & support them financially!

Change Brings Opportunity


Change can be scary at times, but rarely will you find someone who made a big change in their life or career that regrets it. If you’re considering making a career change but struggling to take the leap, we have many great role models here to follow.

It’s extremely important to choose the RIGHT business partner and GREAT platform, and I am glad that I have found the excellent team to work together.

Give yourself a chance to know this E-Commerce business. 🙂


You need to make CHANGES to see changes.
It’s never too late to start.


Shared by:Charmaine Chin

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