Having a steady income or making money as per the nature and profitability of your business?

This decision may not be as difficult as it sounds if you are aware of what’s in store for you. The grass is always greener on the other side and people often want to switch their stream and mode of work purely to experience the better aspects of life and work as such. However, making a call at the right time could help in taking the right decision.

Below are a few pointers that can help in deciding if you should look for a job or start your own business:
Trust: Have faith and trust yourself. It governs steady decision making. Faith is what helps you in taking the plunge. Make sure you take a decision that you trust, without being opinionated. Have a clear idea of what you want, gain a better perspective of things and open your mind to the options you have. Steer clear of procrastination make decisions based on your own judgement.

Ownership: Decide on the ownership. Are you ready to work for someone versus do you want to be your own boss? This question makes and breaks people and their lives surrounding the final decision that they make. While being the owner of your business sounds fancy and respectful, working under your boss or for a company seems rather unfulfilling for some.    
Time: How particular are you about timings? Are you happy with fixed jobs that begin and end at a specified time, every single day or are you willing to sacrifice extra time and energy and investing it in your own company instead. Do long work hours and erratic schedules stress you out? If yes, you are clearly not meant to be your own boss.
Work life balance: Balancing your work and personal life, with fixed weekends sounds like a great mode to be on. However, have you ever thought that staring your own company will get you busier by the day? Then again, if you are your own boss, you set your own timing and vacations. This is something to ponder over. At the end of the day, getting into a work rut and causing imbalances to your life has to be tackled with individually. Think, understand what you really want and then decide.  
Growth: Have you reached a stage in your career where you have become stagnant or are getting a getting a good chance of growth, or are you certain of the fact that you will be a good businessman and grow your company to greater heights. While either of them sound achievable, they can only be done if you accept your job or work as your baby and nurture it to a progressive path. 
Income: Are you looking for a stable income or do you want your earnings to be based on profitability? Earnings based on running your venture involve a lot of risks and ups and downs. Be ready to get unstable amounts a month and to shell out on payments of premises, to hired employees and unforeseen expenses or losses. 

However, if you want to be your own boss, you can certainly do so. It may end up opening many doors to better your financial future.

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Based on the above factors, the tough call of finding a job versus being your own boss should become relatively easier to handle. Whatever the case, it is important to make up your mind and take the right decision, assuring yourself of the right choice. Once decided, hard work, persistence and consistency of efforts helps you rise and shine irrespective of your final verdict. For more business solutions and help in turning your dreams into reality, sign up here. 


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