Work smarter, not harder

Hello, I’m Jia Ho from Malaysia. You might be wondering why I started my eLead business. I studied at one of the famous universities in Malaysia, UKM. That should be coming to, “Why not you have a stable job regarding your course thou?” Yes, Statistics and data science jobs are getting more available. 

However, after graduating from UKM, and month by month, the chances of getting employed in the profession that I studied are bleak. Companies that want to hire me are almost none. 

Doesn’t it mean that graduating is also the beginning of being unemployed? I am very worried.

While my mother is a single parent, I know the situation of her handling the economic situation in my family. I somehow know that to raise a child from young to adult, having different aspects and needs to be fulfilled can be a huge investment needed. My mum has difficult times taking care of me and my 3 younger siblings altogether while the youngest is still in secondary school. 

I want to help my mum to lessen the burden. But, I cannot just sit there and wait for a suitable job opportunity to come right? I convince myself that there was nothing else I cannot do. 

Therefore, with my friend’s recommendation, I tried something that I never thought of before, working in an international MNC company in the F&B service line. Never mind, I can learn anything and put a lot of hard work into it, this is what I thought to myself.

Since young, I’m always putting a lot of effort into things that I want, a lot of people can say that I’m talented, while some of them say that I’m a hard worker. Things such as getting good grades in my academic and co-curricular results, learning piano and getting the highest Grade 8, and representing my school to go for orchestra competitions had become the proudest moments of my life. The same goes for this job, I would definitely work hard about it!

But here comes the burning question, “How much do you earn per hour in your current job? Does this amount of money are able to help you to achieve your dreams, or maybe at least chase away the ‘inflation’ danger? Things are getting more expensive, how much is still left after spending for all the needs and wants?”

I was shocked by the question, and this is prompted by my mum’s friend, and also my upline, Siew Lee. She only tells me one thing, “Hard work doesn’t give everyone the same outcome. Like the workers wake up very early every morning to do their job. They are working hard as well, but how about the return they are getting? Is their lifestyle getting better? Do they achieve a better life quality in the end?”

“So, if you are going to own your house and your car, without your parent supporting you, when will it be? You know your mum’s situation, right?” This wakes me up from my daydream. I seriously think about it, am I going to have the same lifestyle as now, and in the future, the same as my parent? Definitely is a no! Not coming from a wealthy background, but I will make a change with my hands! Because I don’t want my mother to be so tired anymore.

So I consulted Siew Lee more about the details, how I can do and what I can do. eLead business is a global eCommerce business, with the science of nutritional immunology, which fits with the hottest trend in current and future time, the health wellness industry trend. I consider myself a full-time entrepreneur, putting a lot of focus to build up my network and career. Daytime as a customer service agent, night-time as an iTeam entrepreneur.

I expose myself to have live sessions on Facebook and Zoom meetings and also show my effort to be the speaker and the sharer of different events to share the greatness of this business and nutritional immunology. I learnt a lot about how to network with people, with professionalism, and take care of my own image as well. This boosts my confidence and my like towards talking, even though I’m scared of talking in the first place. It’s just about sharing the greatness!

iTeam culture has built me to be a better leader, and I also envision myself as the CEO of a big company, leading people towards greatness. iTeam business is all about realizing our dreams by helping people.

All members here are like a family, contributing selflessly and wholeheartedly, and I learnt really a lot throughout the journey, together with the system (IBS) that is provided by iTeam and a lot of hand-in-hand coachings by my upline Siew Lee.

With all the journey I have come, I aim to reach the highest rank of the company – Triple Crown by next year. With that as well, I aim to own my dream car in five years’ time. I want to be a successful netrepreneur that can help people achieve their dreams, coming across the globe.

And in my life, I would like to have a better lifestyle that is able to let me have a better quality of life in different aspects, just like a lot of success stories I have seen. They are able to obtain time freedom, can go travelling, exploring different countries, without worrying there is no time for it.

If you are seeking a new option or a solution because you hardly see any changes after even trying a lot to change your life, I believe you can come and explore the eLead business! Yes I can, Yes we can!

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