Work-life balance and financial freedom

I am Poh Ee, a working mum of three sons. I am grateful for a smooth career development with the MNC which I am working for 21 years+.  What I have always pursued and longed for is to live a healthy, financial freedom, time autonomy and quality life with my family. However, the balance between family life and work is always a challenge year by year due to the increasing task assignments and higher job expectation as a Departmental Head.

My health has gone downhill with the long term work pressure and hectic working schedule over years. And my body began to develop immune disorders and having internal and skin inflammation since 6 years ago.

Why eLead and iTeam


During the Covid pandemic, my thinking of making changes and to get out of comfort zone started since I know the Elead e-business model via iTeam. Through the sharing of Nutritional Immunology products and Elead e-commerce system, we can help our family members and friends to improve their health and tap the opportunities to generate a passive and multiplicative income from more than 13 international markets.   

My health has improved tremendously and I have also recovered from skin inflammation with the help of Elead products. And my Elead e-business also started in mid 2021 after sharing with friends and family about the Elead products and its business model.  

Through the coaching from uplines and iTeam’s trainings and support, I strongly believe Elead e-business can be my life turning point to become a successful entrepreneur with a balance and happy life in all aspect. 

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