When there is a will, there is a way

My name is Ivy. I work as a Senior Accounts Executive in Singapore, under a German MNC. I am also a mother of 3.

After graduating from University in Accounting, I started my working life in Singapore. Office work is known as stable, but there are no time freedom. OT with no OT pay is very common.

Singapore is well known as high living standard country. From daily expenses to children education, living cost is very high. In order to get more income, hoping to have a better life, I have tried different plan- B, such as online sales,
which sells children clothes and etc. But all of these does not lead to a life changing direction.

Wonderful Life – Slimming life

In Jan 2021, I have a chance to be in touch with Nutritional immunology. By taking Elead products, I manage to slim down 9 kg in 6 weeks time.

My health were very bad since young, where Sinusitis, Migrane, Tonsilitis, fever and flu were very common to me. I used to take antibiotics almost every month. But after I understand the concept of Nutritional Immunology, not only I manage to improve my health in reducing medicine, but also improve in my gastric problem, cholesterol & liver profile.

Slowly I understand that taking medicine is not a solution in gaining health, but we should be nourishing our immune system instead.
I realise that, the biggest mistake that human made, is we exchange our health with other objects.

No matter where your position is, the most important is the direction you are heading

I always think that, I have a stable office life, get bonus and increment yearly, travel once a year to a country which I can afford, is a normal life, which has no problem in it. But by watching children grow up year by year, expenses getting higher and higher, I started to puzzle, does this normal life still exist? How would my life be, after 20 years?

I get to know that iTeamWorld international career combines 2 key factors, which are health industry and E-commerce. This platform is a new era which is out of the box, as compare to traditional business. I do not need to stock up, or do postage delivery for products, system will handle everything instead. Risk free business opportunities and low cost, had fully meet
my requirement who wish to do business, but no capital.

IteamWorld has a very resourceful education system which helps beginner to start & expand
our own business. This system created a user-friendlly platform, which enable such an ordinary person like me, also can built up a plan B income.

Happy engineering – Happy life

I use to have a busy work life as a Finance Executive, and a busy mom-life such as fetching children up and down to different kind of activities, tuition, classes and etc. There are also housework & miscellaneous chores, which makes our family bonding time lesser and lesser. With current usual busy lifestyle, I understand that if I still stay in my
comfort zone and not trying to make a difference, sooner or later I will lose a lot of precious time with my children.

None of us can go back to the past, and restart any errors which we think we have not done good enough, but we are the author for our own life, where we can start to make a new chapter from now, so that the future will be different.

iTeam career is a totally different kind of life & working style. This career enables me to work anywhere and anytime I want and can you imagine, with just 1 handset, I can expand my business line to 13 countries in this world. With this amazing platform, I can have my income rolling into my pocket, while accompanying my children and look
after my family at the same time, which makes a time & financial freedom.

The right platform

The marketing plan and passive income in Elead Global were calculated in USD, which makes this platform very attractive. Why did I
say ordinary people also can join this platform? It is because they have low threshold, well equip with health knowledge, which makes goal and target easily hit.

Elead global is supported by an International professional team of scientists and nutritionists with experience more than 30 years. With their
complete online and offline cultivate system, I have more confidence in managing this career well. We should not stop trying just because we scared of failure. Starting a business is about choosing a correct platform. I believe Elead Global is the platform that can help me achieve the plan B that I dream of.

Fight for Dream, fight for happy life

I am so grateful to my upline who introduce me to this awesome career, by giving me a chance to start a business of my own. In 10 month’s time, I have reach my crown ranking, and this make me realize that, a million dollar income is not a dream at all.

In iTeamWorld, other than Nutritional Immunology, I meet a group of friends who also have same interests and directions, together we soar to greater heights.

I always believe in that, “When there is a will, there is a way.”

I have made up decision to fulfill my dreams here, what are you waiting for? Come join us, and make your dreams come true.

Shared by:Ivy Lau

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