” When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. 
When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

Work demands, family and social life,
we are dealing with stress on a daily basis.
No matter is drowning in a pool of emails,
or even decide where to eat our dinner, 
all of this is affecting our daily life.
A small amount of stress can be motivating,
A large amount of stress can be debilitating.
Two major stress hormones are: Adrenaline and cortisol

Do you know stress is a silent killer?

Another reason to avoid stress: Sudden death
Especially to those who have irregular heart rhythms,
Stress is a silent killer that you will never know how harmful it is.
According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, New York

“Job pressure is the Top 1 Cause of Stress in the U.S”

Warning signs and symptoms of stress

Hair loss
After 3 to 6 months of stressful life, you might notice more hair on your brush
or in the drain than usual.

Long term back pain
Stress can produce a fight-or-fight response, raising your blood pressure, heart rate
and tightens up your muscles on the neck, shoulders, lower back or toes.

Physical and emotional alarms
If you left stress unchecked or poorly managed,
It can contribute to heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Losing hope to the world
Feeling lost towards the society is the ultimate signs of stress.
When too much things aren’t going your way,
You will lost hope and lead to suicide someday.

Loss of sex drive
Stress, anxiety and exhaustion
can be all-consuming.
If you constantly feeling tired, stressed or anxious,
It will have major impact on your happiness,
Including your sex drive.

How To Overcome?

#Get Moving

Do something each day to be active.
No matter is hike, walk, slow run or hit the gym.
Have fun doing it, don’t be stress about it.

#Identify the source of your anxiety
Get to know what is the source that causing your anxiety.
Is it possible to solve it one by one?
List down all of it make clear about what it is.

#Accept the uncertainty
Although it is tough to stop worrying when things run out of your way,
it is important to accept the fact of uncertainty.
Learn how to grow with it.

#Consume food that contains cactus

Cactus has more than
10,000 different types of phytochemicals
which can rapidly
balance the body’s immune system
 to take a good care of your health.
It can also normalize
the secretion of insulin, balance the blood sugar levels in our body.

Rhapsody is a product that
contain the main ingredients
of cactus and American ginseng.
These foods are rich in plant-based nutrients
that can benefit overall health in various ways.

Ginsenosides in American Ginseng

– Help to balance the immune system
Destroy cancer cells and viruses
-Regulate the body production of stress hormones
Stabilizes emotion to helps the body and mind
Reduce stress and to cope with fatique
Improve memory

American Ginseng also contains high amounts of antioxidants that
help to strengthen the heart, delay the aging of the human body.

 Rhapsody product video:

Rhapsody enhance the immune system.
Good for people with weak immune system
To defend and prevent from bacteria and virus infections.

Rhapsody is suitable for:

-Cancer patient and prevent cancer
-Insomnia, fatigue, memory lost
-Businessman, professionals, high executive
-People with weak immune system
-High calories, blood pressure, sugar level
-Diabetes, alchoholics,
-Promote wound healing
-Improve energy
-Regulate hormone level in human body
-Stabilizes emotions,body and mind

Rhapsody contains cactus and American Ginseng
as main ingredients, these foods are rich in plant-based nutrients
that can benefits overall health in various ways.

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