Wealth is not limited to monetary terms

Motto : “Wealth is not limited to monetary terms. Love others as much as you love yourself. Blessed the enemies thus you will be blessed.”

Hi,  I would like to thank iTeam and my sponsor Dr Janice and her partner Kelvin for introducing this pathway to me in 2018.

I am Alan Ong. I am 48 years old. I was a Malaysian in Adelaide, Australia. My hometown is Kuching, Sarawak, spend most of my teenage in Singapore. Now I am an Australian living in Adelaide.

I was a sales account manager in hospital equipment, instrument, and consumables before migrating to Australia. Migration has given me a chance to reset my career path.

I am a business owner in domestic cleaning for nearly 10 years and in recent years I took up study in Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncturist).

One of my main dreams is to find more free time while not worry about household income. Another dream is to be able to help people in finding their health and balance lifestyle.

The income from the business is good with six hours work per day, five days per week, but when I do not work, money does not come in. As a result, when I am on holiday, I have no income.

I would like to find something that can generate money while I am on holiday too. I choose iTeam because I am familiar with the product range as well as health industry.

iTeam has a strong ecommerce structure and platform. Furthermore, the team spirit, coaches and mentors are amazingly friendly, helpful and motivating. I hope to tap into these energies to realise my dream.

One of my hobbies is riding road bike. Riding a bicycle up a hill is always challenging but its gears are there to help the rider to reach the top.

This new journey, I choose iTeam world as my gear group set to excel me up the financial and time freedom hill. I believe that my energy will be multiplied with iTeam world to reach the top of this hill.

My goal with iTeam business is to help others to realise their ability to achieve their ideal health through nutrition immunology and share the possibilities of living a healthy and wealthy life.

Do not lost site of your health and life while chasing after wealth and status. With iTeam, you can enjoy wealth and status by having and sharing health and life to others.

Shared by:Alan Ong

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