We only live once

Thanks to iTEAM eLEAD, my uplines, my partners and all my customers for supporting me in turning my dream into reality

Hello everyone, I’m Jou Phing, a white-collar with two kids.

As you all know, the income of a white-collar is pretty stable. However, there is no time flexibility

Early in the morning, I have to send my kids to the nursery. Every day, I am tied to the office and the traffic jam. After getting off work, after finishing all the housework, finally… I am exhausted.

The short quality time with kids and family has become extremely precious. As a typical white-collar, I can roughly predict my future in 10 years’ time, 20 years’ time, or even after retirement. 

By observing the seniors in the same industry, the more experience they gain, the busier they are, the more pressure they load. 

It is a norm to see them working while they are on leave. I hope that I can do something while I am still young to make my future different.

Slimmed Down Healthily 

3 years ago, I got to know Nutritional Immunology through the health improvement of my family member. 

With the help of Soygreen, I have managed to lose 10kg in weight healthily

I like the science of Nutritional Immunology, because it helps me better understand my body and how to protect it. 

Through sharing and witnessing the health improvement of my friends, I understand that this business empowers me to help more people

In 6 months’, my monthly income in eLEAD Global has exceeded my full time job’s salary. By having a great system, platform, and products, spend relatively lesser time, but reaping incredible returns.

Live the way we wish

I am very grateful for starting the iTEAM eLEAD business. 

The multiplication marketing system is the key. After we have our team established, we can have financial and time freedom at the same time. 

This business has changed my future, a totally different version from the original one. 

Imagine myself at the age of 50 without iTEAM, where will I be early in the morning? 
Most probably I will be rushing to work and stuck in the traffic jam. 

With iTEAM, our daily schedule is flexiblewe can live according to our desired lifestyle.

3 years for 30 years

Most importantly, if we decide to take a rest for a month or even half a year, our income will not be affected, it will continue to grow

And if we put in more effort, it will grow faster.

3 years for 30 years, I can’t relate to it at the beginning. 

But now, I am truly appreciating and enjoying it. 

This is something that someone might need to put in effort for 30 years in order to achieve. 

In eLEAD iTeam, we can accomplish it in 3 years’ time.


We can only live once. 
If we do it right, once is enough. 

Thank you.


Shared by:Jou Phing

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