Touching lives and bringing good health to others

I am Mavis from Singapore. I graduated as a mechanical engineer but shortly after three years in the engineer field, I realised corporate 8-5 work hours was not for me.

I made a move to the financial sector, to serve as a financial planner for my clients. I believe in making personal finance simple to understand for people to make the right decision in both good and bad times.

My husband is a full-time working professional too and I have 2 lovely girls under the age of 6.

In my line of profession, I get to meet people from all works of life. My role is to listen to their stories, understand their concern and provide value-added finance services to them.

In order to provide the best to my clients, family and friends, I always believe in improving myself constantly, increase my competency, knowledge and making wise healthy food and lifestyle choices for everyone to lead a better quality of life.

My Story – Met with eLEAD and iTeam

As a mother, I am always looking out to provide the best for my children. In March 2022, we were tested positive with covid-19 and as this virus is very new,  no one know what the extent of the damage to our body. This was when I was introduced to eLEAD Global Nutritional Immunology products (through Joelyn) in April 2022. I am very thankful to know about eLEAD.

I started my journey with eLEAD immunity and basic nutrients products, giving my children the nutrition they need. I also did the 7-Day Diet Exchange Plan with my husband and mother. I want them to adopt a healthy diet so to have a healthier body. Through the 7-Day Diet Exchange Diet, all of us managed to lose weight. We continue to practice 211 meals in our daily diet.

My Story – why eLEAD and iTeam

I trust eLEAD Global could bring me and my loved ones towards nurturing a healthier body and eat clean lifestyle. Eat well should start young!

iTeam, they give me the tender, love, care, and support which I am really thankful for.

With the right way, I believe eLEAD Global can be my Plan B as a value add to bring health to people I care about.

My Story – Yes I can! We can!

I would love to learn more and share this happiness to everyone around me.

I believe having a good system and great mentorship is every important and I cannot wait to join the upcoming program to touch more lives and bring good health to all.

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