Life is a matter of our choices
Every choice we make makes us

Hi everyone, this is Teng Kean.
I did not come from a rich family.

After I form my family,
my husband and I decided to leave our hometown for better earning.

We are working in Singapore,
thinking that earning foreign currency can provide our child a better living condition.

Income was fine,
but the working hour was long and stressful

I have lost count on how many times,
due to a tight deadline, I have no choice but to sacrifice the gathering time with family and friends.
Working overtime seems to be a norm in the accounting field.

Health Improvement

high pressure working environment and lack of quality sleep,
the neglect of health caused my body to start flashing a red light. 

With deep thinking and consideration,
I made up my mind to start looking for another way out.

In my heart,
I am craving for financial-freedom, time-freedom,
being healthy and beautiful, and to live a lifestyle that I wish.

My wishes have been fulfilled one by one,
ever since I met eLEAD iTEAM

My health has improved
Nutritional Immunology, the health myth that I have been searching for, finally has a solid answer. 
By sharing the science and products to friends, I started making income.

My life changing decision

I am inspired by the seniors who successfully developed their iTEAM global business and are living a time-freedom lifestyle

I did a comparison between my seniors in office versus seniors in iTEAM career,
two very different lifestyles, and I know I prefer the latter.

Having iTEAM, I have more choices in my life.
After so many years working in foreign country,
I have now returned to my family’s hometown.
Having quality time spending with my son and family. 

I am thankful that I have a direction to strive for
and I am building my global health business while taking care of my family.

In fact, life does have another choice, another possibility, another outcome.

Shared by:Teng Kean

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