The future depends on what you do today

Hi everyone, I am Meimei from Malaysia.

Since childhood, I have always believed that if I study hard for a challenging course “Actuarial Science”, follow the steps and after graduation, I will become an actuary earning a high income.

However, the reality was not the same as planned as the position of actuary was very scarce in the market and the competition was very strong. Fortunately, I successfully joined one of the top banks in Malaysia as a commercial loans and customer service executive.   The monthly salary and employee benefits are very good. So, everything went smoothly for a while.  

Until one day, my mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB), and at the hospital, I saw a 20-year-old TB patient, died the day after she was admitted. That is when I realized that good health is very important and precious.  Thankfully, my mother managed to walk away from the “gates of hell” by complementing medications and nutritional immunology products. Gradually her health improved.

From that moment on, I started to learn more about nutritional immunology and discovered iTEAM business opportunities. It has led me to think about my dream and also the crisis and challenges that I could face as an employee. Challenges such as my job is dependent on my employers or I could lose my job when I am older.  I also realise that I am exchanging time with money, working for long hours and even there is a salary increment, it will never match the inflations that are growing rapidly.  

On the contrary, the health market is booming and growing regardless of whether the economy is good or bad. People need to be healthy and earn more income in this challenging economy, and iTEAM platform has a perfect system.  The system leverages 30 years of successful entrepreneurial experiences, user-friendly marketing tools, website and training platforms to help all new iTEAM entrepreneurs to develop and build their business.  Through iTEAM’s system, I will be able to build another income pipeline by helping more and more people to be healthier and wealthier.  

 In iTEAM, I have seen many people from ordinary background living an extraordinary lifestyle with financial and time freedom, good health and happy family, within just 3 to 5 years by following iTEAM system and platform. I have seen how they achieved the “Happy Life” with iTEAM business- good income, time freedom, good health and happy family. It has convinced me that choosing the right platform is just as important as working hard.

I just need to follow the available blueprint and execute it step by step. I went from not knowing much about health knowledge and being fearful to share with people to overcoming my fears, sharing nutritional immunology with others and having an extra income as well.

The future depends on what I do today.

I am very grateful and honoured to have a team of like-minded business partners aiming for the same goal and going all out to achieve it. Welcome everyone to join us in iTEAM business, and use 3 years to exchange for 30 years of happy life, and making our dreams  come true.

Yes I Can Yes We Can!

Shared by:Tan Mei Mei

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