The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate all the zeal and strength!

My name is Wei Teng, a full-time internal auditor and mother of a child.

I still remember that when I was a mother for the first time, I was always in a hurry and fumbling slowly, and I was exhausted physically and mentally due to inexperience in handling baby all day long.

Due to the long-term accumulation of fatigue and stress, I was having a serious health condition and immediately visit emergency hospital. I’m being injected with 3 steroids and was unable to take care my baby who was only 7 months old at that moment as after the injection I can’t even breastfeed him. At that moment, I was really broken. I couldn’t give the best to my baby and I couldn’t go to work, worry about sustainability of my career in the firm.

At that moment, I told myself that I can’t go on like this anymore, as my baby and I must live a happy life!

At that moment, I wanted to get back my health life first. Due to the product sharing from my sponsor and now I came into connect with Nutritional Immunology and found that NI products are unique, safe and effective.

The miracle of the elead product is it is food not medicine which will not burden the body and is the nourishment that immune system in the body need, it is definitely suitable for me and my baby to consume.

The product has improved my physique, made me more energetic and able to accomplish many things in life ahead of expectations.

Because of the trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI), I am clearly aware of the sense of crisis that my career will be replaced in the future. In addition, we need to worry about the issue of layoffs due to the epidemic.

Will I be laid off next? What if I lose my job?

Because of my sponsor, I encountered iTeam, a platform that provides perfect, easy-to-understand, easy-to-learn and replicable success. Selfless teaching helps team spirit, coaching everyone to earn dollars, increase income and become my own happy life engineer, which deeply attracted me to join. In additions the product is so good, it should be shared with more people around us.

After I had a deep understanding of iTeam, I quickly followed the pace of the iTeam team, used the IBS system, followed my superiors, and started to operate a multiplier e-commerce, sharing nutritional immunity with my friends. In just a few months of sharing, I able to earn a passive and multiplied income, and even help others win back their health and realize the dream of a happy life engineer with money, leisure and health.

Now I have the ability to give the best to my baby and family. In this epidemic, we are not worried about being laid off or replaced.

I believe that there are many working mothers who are also in the same situation as me. They work very hard to take good care of their children, and even sacrifice their health and life on their career.

I am very fortunate that I made the right choice in my life, choosing iTeam as my career.

Choice is more important than effort.

Welcome to join us!

The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate all the zeal and strength

Yes I Can, Yes We Can!

Shared by:Wei Teng

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