I CAN decide my destiny?

Hi everyone, I am Jeslynn.

I was a process engineer in the semiconductor field for 10 years after graduation. I was very busy at work, and my work required me to work overtime. I always went home exhausted after work. 

The activities that I planned for the night, most of the time would call off due to my tiredness

However, my sleeping quality was not good despite sleeping early. I had a bad experience falling asleep in a meeting. Super embarrassing ~~~


As a result, my performance in the workplace has limitations due to my health condition. Ever since that incident, I started to analyze my working path. By observing 10 years’ experience seniors, they have higher salary income, but they need to stay back until 9pm every day. They have less time to spend with their family. Moreover, their health is getting weaker

Due to this, I changed my career path as an executive in a bank. Although my working hours are shorter, my salary is reduced as well. The income is just nice with my commitment. So, I need to plan before spending money.

iTeamworld Changed Me

Thanks to my friend for introducing me to Nutritional Immunology. After encountering Nutritional Immunology, I know better on how to protect my health. It resolved my health problem which had been there for many years. 

My family members started consuming eLead products, and their health improved as well. After further understanding on eLEAD Global, I started my career path in eLEAD Global iTEAMWorld in 2020. In eLEAD Global, we can explore the global market without any capital such as goods, rental, salary etc. 

iTEAMWorld provides us with a complete know-how system on the website. By using a phone, we can find any information through the system easily. On top of that, iTEAMWorld provides us career and knowledge training, which helps us grow our business rapidly. In 9 months, I achieved a double crown award with five figure monthly income, where I need maybe 10 years to achieve with my previous full-time job.

Happy Life Engineer

Year 2020 was the worst year, the whole world suffered due to Covid-19. It has taken many people’s lives and caused many people to lose their jobs. Until now the aftermath is still ongoing. 

I am thankful that I started the eLEAD iTEAM business before the pandemic.  Now I have a team here with me and we are just like family members. We work together towards the same direction. 

My income is growing steadily despite the economic crisis. I feel lucky to be joining the iTEAM business. Now, I have regained my health. I have more time to spend with my family, enjoy my life with no pressure of commitment. 

If you foresee uncertainty in the future and would like to change your life, eLEAD Global iTEAMWorld is absolutely an ideal choice for you.


3 years effort for 30 years life
I can do it; I believe you can too

Shared by:Jeslynn Pang

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