Success isn't overnight. It's when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.

My name is Chang Rina, currently working as an Assistant Manager in Finance and Account.

My dream is to have the freedom of time to take care of my family and do what I like to do. After I graduated from university, I thought I found a great job, put in 200% of my efforts thinking I can get a promotion and increase my income very quickly. After saving some of money, I can retire early and enjoy the happiness with my family.

But what I think is completely opposite to the reality. My hard work is not appreciated and I have lost my health at the same time. At that time, I found out that I couldn’t go for follow up and treatment according to the time arranged by my doctor due to my time was tied up by the company rule.

During the 2 years of pandemic, I suffered countless times from my boss, who said that he would like to deducted our salary according to the position. I started to feel the stress of a financial crisis. Other than that, I don’t know when my health issue will recur again and I’ll be forced to quit my job. So, it is better to have some planning instead of worrying.

In order to establish a new family, it is necessary for both parties to work together, communicated well, continuously improve ourselves, respect and accompany each other to form a happy family. So, I decided to step-out of my comfort zone to let myself learn more and absorb more knowledges from others to improve myself.

Due to my health problems, I realized that diseases no longer come to you based on your age. Everybody must have some basic knowledge to start taking care of their health. Because I gain back my health via nutritional immunology so I hope I can help more people to improve their health.

In additional, iTeam had an iTeam Business School(IBS) and able to provide training courses anytime and anywhere. Even online and offline courses, I also can learn extra knowledge and skills like the way of dealing with people, positive thinking, and improve communication skills. This system provided convenience for white-collar worker like me. So, I decided to start my business in iTeam.

I used to be a good girl, very introverted and without self-confidence. After joininf iTeam for several months, I started to know how to love myself, dress-up myself and appreciate my own beauty. In terms of interpersonal relationships, I am also better than before and I started to greet and smile to strangers to improve interpersonal relationships. Now I have the courage to try new things and do what I never thought I could do before. The rhythm of life has also been enriched a lot and I have begun to work hard for my goals and plan for the future in order to achieve my ideal life.

I will choose to develop on a health platform because everyone needs to be healthy and everyone also start to increase their awareness on health after the epidemic. Therefore, the health industry is an industry that will never be eliminated. In addition, the development of technology has brought more convenience to more people. Whether it is e-commerce or education, it is the trend of the future. I have joined a micro-business before, but I need funds to keep stocks. So I ended up quitting the micro-business industry. On the other hand, iTeam does not require you to keep stock and the threshold is also very low. Furthermore, when I faced issues, my team is always there to help me, anytime, anywhere. I believe that I can go further as long as I follow the footsteps of iTeam and gain more incomes.

“Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.”

Yes I Can, Yes We Can! 



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