Stop Waiting and Start Making a Life

Hi everyone, I’m Crystal Goh, a product specialist working in the medical industry. Still working hard to achieve what I want in my career and pursue my dreams.

The norm of working 9 am-5 pm is not what I want but for the sake of survival income.

No doubt, I spend most of my time earning a living.

Trading time and health for money. Whether I like it or not, I have to spend part of my life doing it.

It hits me hard that anything can happen, unexpectedly, just like our current pandemic.

What will I do if I lose my job?
Do I have a plan B?

All these questions cause me stress and anxiety if I do not have a Plan B.

This pandemic has brought me a great opportunity to start my Plan B career.

I know I needed a plan B, and execution is mandatory, especially now e-commerce duplication business gives us a passive income that everyone needs.

Started this Plan B career in August 2021. Did not expect to achieve VIP in 2 months.

Free one-to-one coaching, free education and no capital to start. The most exciting thing about iTEAM is I can always learn something new. Marketing, leadership, emotional intelligence and sharpening my social skills.

I always wish I could build freedom, security, stability and healthy life to enjoy quality time with my family and my loved ones.

eLEAD business enables us to achieve the Diamond Life.
We control how we work, when, and where.
There is no magic pill for this, you have to work and put effort in, in order to reap the rewards.

More effort, more results. This is undeniable.

To be better, grow, and Make a Difference

Challenges contain the seeds of opportunities you have yet to discover. It’s easy to see how our challenges expose our weaknesses while also revealing our strengths. Even though we might feel frustrated or fear, it is just a matter of biting through it one piece at a time, chewing it thoroughly and digesting what you need to.

Mandarin is not my primary spoken language, but I am able to overcome my flaw and be the emcee of 7 days Diet Exchange Plan event in Mandarin

I am grateful to have my leader and iTEAM family being there for me patiently and supportively, helping me out to overcome my fear of public speaking as well as improve my mandarin speaking

Started this wholesome product for myself, leading me to this Plan B career. From healing my skin problem to consuming from cheap to free and the opportunity to earn USD.

What you decide to do today determines where you will be in the coming years. Every day, we keep doing things we don’t desire. I know my life will be the same if I don’t make a change.

A Plan B can be just as good or better than a Plan A

No one could have foreseen the circumstances of this year, but I have anticipated e-commerce, and health has grown exponentially since the pandemic. I know just how powerful this can be as I had built my career by using social media.

 I am in the business of helping other people – people helping people.

One of the top reasons for choosing this career is that it leads to financial freedom.
True financial freedom is being able to earn lots of money without you needing to be there.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of gender, race, social status and educational background.

There are no more battling difficult bosses or dealing with politics. I have made some of my good friends through growing my network in this business.

There is no better time than right now to start building your own career.

The investment and risk are so low that you can only gain from giving it a try.

If I can do it, why not you?

Yes I Can, Yes We Can!

Shared by:Crystal Goh

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