Stick to your dreams! There is more than one way to achieve it!

Good day, everyone.

My name is Yen Xia, I am from Melaka, now living in Selangor, Malaysia.

I am now working as a Registered Nurse as I like my job,
but I would like to explore and share health knowledge to people around me, especially my patients.

I love freedom and travelling.

Looking for a healthy lifestyle and
work life balance

I left Hospital settings in 2020 and joined a company as a
Clinical Nurse Advisor for stoma care.

I enjoy the flexible working hours but not the STABLE income,
especially when we have a kid at home.

Thinking to provide a better education for my baby girl in the future,
it also means that I need to earn more to give her a better life quality.

I am truly grateful that my friends Charmaine Chew and Yvonne Cham for introducing me iTeam eLead, from knowing such great products to career opportunity.

How I Came To Know About iTeam?

As a lady, I always want to be presentable and slim,
so I joined my friend’s 7 days Diet Exchange Program last year (2021). I experienced the result by myself. Surprisingly, I lost 3kg from the program. 

Another surprise was, the subsequent month I was detected POSITIVE for pregnancy test.

Since 2018, I am having a thyroid problem (hypothyroidism) and taking Thyroxine daily.

As some of you may aware that hypothyroidism increases the risk of miscarriage.It was my 1st pregnancy, my priority was the safety of my baby.
I needed to do something about it!

How I Came To Know About iTeam?

Hence, I decided to take Rosytime and Soygreen as my source of food nutrition on daily basis.
Heng ah! Throughout my pregnancy, I had a smooth pregnancy journey and delivery too! Baby’s growth was healthy throughout the pregnancy period, and I DID NOT experience any complications like Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) or hypertension.

During the confinement, nurse even commented that my episiotomy wound (an incision wound during childbirth) healed nicely within 5days without any complications.

Without knowing it, to my surprise, my long-term constipation problems
solved completely too since the beginning of my pregnancy period.

Now, my thyroid blood test reading is normalising,
doctor even reduced the dosage of medication. 

I am truly happy about it!

What I expect to see myself in the future?

After the pandemic hit globally, people are becoming more and more health conscious, eCommerce and Wellness trends are more profound than it was before, globally.
Conventional health industries use medication to treat illness, which the preventive science is not being focused on.

Thankfully, I learn about Nutritional Immunology from Dr Jau Fei Chen – the scientist who has been advocating that the best doctor in the world is our immune system.  iTeam career allows us to share Nutrition Immunology knowledge to the people and also,  earn US Dollar (the strongest currency in the world).

Knowing that I want to provide the BEST education for my girl (like Jungle classroom) , everything is about dollars & cents, lead me to be aware that current income is unable to fulfil her needs in the future.

My dream is travelling overseas with family, earning an income that satisfies my needs and I want my family to stay in good health!

Once I accomplish the above, I will have no regrets in life! I believe iTeam can help me to achieve my dreams.

“Stick to your dreams! There is more than one way to achieve it!”


Shared by:Yen Xia

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