Regulated Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy Journey

Hi I’m Jan Wee

I’m really excited to share my unplanned pregnancy testimony here!  

Like many couples, my husband and I were ready to start a family once we got married. After 2 years of waiting, we decided to seek help. I actually took quite many types of products recommended by family and friends. I even seek TCM treatment and took herbs for a year to help my body conceived. But none of the treatments and products work for me. In the end I decided to go for IVF due to age factors. We are really grateful and blessed to have 2 successful IVF process. Both my husband and I feel contented with just 2 children!
I actually got to know Rosytime through my cousin, I took before and after delivery just to ensure my body will heal quickly but I never continue Rosytime after confinement.

Much later when my son grown up, he is a very picky eater and he easily falls sick especially when started kindergarten. My cousin persuades me to introduce Rosytime to him and I’m glad he like the taste and would ask for more. He actually got stronger. As for me I began to be curious if Rosytime can help regulating menstrual cycle. So I began to consume Rosytime daily. I was really amaze that after 3 months of consumption, my menstrual cycle become 28 days. But on the 5th month, there was a delay in my menstrual cycle and I thought … haiyahhhh…. Shiok sendiri aja….probably Rosytime does not work. On the 6th month, I still did not have my menses but I notice I get hungry easily. This when my sister persuades me to get a pregnancy test kit. I remember very clearly 1st June 2020, I got so surprise when I see two clear red lines! Unbelievable! Rosytime actually help me conceived after 11 years of trying! I should have taken Rosytime much much much earlier!

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