Regained Energy and Vitality

Rhapsody & E-Munity

Last year in May 2021, my father (who was 84yrs old at that time), suddenly could not
eat or drink for a few days. Due to old age, his mouth was wide open, couldn’t close
and couldn’t drink or eat. After my family had a meeting with the doctor at the nursing
home, we have agreed to put my Dad into palliative status. In other words, the nursing
home will lift all medications for my Dad but they will continue to feed my Dad as long as
he eats and drinks. My family also requested the doctor to help us buy some time as
our youngest sister is rushing back from Sydney, Australia. The doctor agreed and
gave my dad drips to keep him hydrated.

Immediately, I was talking to my uplines Florence Tan, Carryn Choo, and Wanyee
Leong. They all recommended that I give my Dad to try Rhapsody and E-Munity. My
first reaction was I wanted to give my Dad these 2 products, but he couldn’t eat or drink.
So, how can I feed him? They recommended that I use a syringe to put the 2 products
under his tongue which can then be absorbed. And so, I did what they suggested and
miraculously, in 4 DAYS my Dad started eating, drinking, and swallowing food!!! Started
finishing with 1 meal, he then progressed to finishing 2 to 3 meals a day! Each time, I
was only able to give him 30ml Rhapsody and sprinkle E-Munity powder on his meal.

I was amazed by the results of both Rhapsody and E-Munity. My Dad quickly regained
his energy and vitality. I felt so blessed and truly grateful to Florence, Carryn, &
Wangyee for they helped save my Dad’s life. As time went by, the nurses and PSW at
the nursing home saw the results of my Dad’s case and asked me ‘Heidi, what did you
give to your Dad’? Of course, I told them ‘I gave him healthy wholesome food’ and I
explained what I have given him: Rhapsody & E-Munity and also the concept of
Nutritional Immunology.

One day, a nurse asked me what I would recommend for her sister in Hong Kong
because she was going through chemotherapy and had bad side effects: nausea, loss
of appetite, vomiting, skin problem, etc. After consulting with my uplines, we also
recommended Rhapsody, E-Munity, and Soy Green to her sister. Then, from one nurse,
two other nurses asked me the products I would recommend for them or for their family
members. I am grateful that I can share Nutritional Immunology with them and to see
that these nurses and their family have benefitted from eLEAD products.

Soy Green

In March 2022, one day I started feeling my hands have stiff knuckles, especially when I
wake up in the morning. Moreover, my knuckles were so swollen that I could not wear
my rings. At first, I thought it was just temporary. But after 2 months, not only did I still
have stiff knuckles, the inner part of my knee also felt stiff. I knew this was a signal that
there is some inflammation going on in my body and I need to address it immediately
because I do not want it to lead to arthritis. After consulting with my uplines, they
recommended that I try the 7 Days Diet Exchange using only the Soy Green, with at
least 3-4 packets per day.

Curiously wanting to find out the results of taking 3-4 packets of Soy Green a day, I
started my 7 days diet exchange program and also doing exercises for my hands. On
the 3rd day after taking 4 packets of Soy Green, I felt that my knuckles were loosening
up. Then on the 4th day, the stiffness of my knuckles were about 90% gone and I could
wear my rings again! Feeling so happy, I continued to consume 4 packets of Soy Green
for another 3 days. After a total of 7 days of consuming Soy Green, I could say that my
stiff knuckles condition improved at least 75%. I could really feel a difference in my
body when I have an adequate amount of nutrition combined with daily exercises. I
would highly recommend anyone who has a similar problem as I did to try the 7 days
diet exchange program using Soy Green!

Shared by:Heidi Sung

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