Success is not something you pursue,
It’s something you attract by becoming an attractive person.
Plan the work and work the plan.

Hi everyone, I am Carie, a Malaysian living in Qatar. I grew up with a weak body immune system, which renders me to many visits to the doctors to treat my sickness. Thankfully I was fortunate to chance upon the Science of Nutritional Immunology that believes in prevention is better than cure. Prevention is our weapon against diseases.

It is important to choose the right business partner to the road of success. My career with Elead iTeam allows me to gain health and financial independence through entrepreneurship with its comprehensive and systematic training.

There is a deep satisfaction of sharing the most updated health knowledge from Dr. Jau-Fei Chen, and being able to help more families to improve their health. It definitely makes my life more meaningful and purposeful. We are now living in an era whereby medical technologies are at its most advanced state, yet more people are getting sick.

Education and true health knowledge save lives!

Not all passion can become a career,
When passion becomes your career,
You don’t just excel; you have deep sense of joy!
Filled with meaning, happiness, excitement & anticipation,
Experiencing work and life in the fullest extends possible.

I am encouraged to witness my family, friends, relatives and even strangers who have benefited from these natural and wholesome products. I have witnessed many examples that these functional plant based foods proven to be a solid way to a person’s good health. Such as improvement of eyesight, fast recovery from post surgery, no longer suffering from uric acid and hypertension, and even children not falling ill often. I have seen them having better skin complexion, manage to lose weight and maintain a healthy muscle mass, and their parents looking more energetic.

To me, success is having a purpose to grow and sowing seeds that benefit others.

Some of my friends are convinced that iTeam is a viable business plan and have since joined me in this journey of wholesome lifestyle. We started with free membership to enjoy monthly bonuses to now form a like-minded team with a goal of sharing the gifts of health and knowledge with mankind through international platform and master class training. On top of that, I have also won high-end incentive trips to Yunnan & Abu Dhabi as a reward for my hard work. 

Elead iTeam career is recession proof; it’s not affected by the economy downturns, and it gives me the freedom in work. Taking the advantage of work-life flexibility of this career, I get to work anytime and be able to be based at anywhere I want as long as I have my mobile apps and internet, I could choose to take the entire week off to travel too. Most people can only either gain time or money but iTeam business allows me to gain both!

iTeam has a great positive environment for us to grow and to hold each other accountable especially during the pandemic hardship. Being in this team unleashes my potential to have constant breakthrough in life, be it in immunity, lifestyle, workout, income generation, leadership skills, event management and doing more charity.

I am so proud to be in iTeam. There is value in helping others to succeed. It is not just about what I accomplish but what I can inspire others to do. We are here to make a difference. We can turn dream into reality.

I am thankful to find this fulfilling business in eLead iTeam e-commerce platform as it enriches my health through the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology and help my team and I to grow exponentially.

Opportunities are never lost but taken by people who are ready. Successful people once made a courageous decision and put into ‘action’! In iTeam, I have learned that success is a choice we make every single day. Those that consistently say ‘yes’ to success that reaches it. We can accomplish anything we set our mind to!

Yes I can! Yes we can!


Shared by:Carie Phua

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