Perseverance is the key to success!

I am Lee Booi. I graduated with phD degree in Computer Science in the UK. I was a senior staff software engineer in MNC 5 years ago. I am also a mother of 2 kids.  I loved my job and I always exceeded expectations at work and was well compensated in monetary terms, but that’s at the expense of a hectic work life and sacrificing family time.

My thinking changed after I gave birth to my second child. I don’t want to miss the fun of involving in the developmental milestones of my kids, so I chose my family over my job in 2017. Soon after I quit my job, my husband accepted a job offer in the USA hoping to have better job prospects and better education for my sons in the USA. 

So we moved from Penang to California, USA. Life has not been easy in the USA due to lack of family support structure here. I got to know about nutritional immunology and eLead 2 years ago because my health has gone downhill.

Health conditions of my husband and myself have triggered me to think about future financial planning for my sons. We can live quite comfortably with a single income in the Bay Area that is high in living cost. However, for a better future for my sons, having double incomes would be more ideal. I was in a dilemma, whether to return to  the industry and have been looking for jobs that would generate a good income and yet allow me to continue to take care of my sons.

The thought of starting up a business has never come across my mind. It was new to me when my eLead up-lines (Chew See and Poh Lee) from Malaysia shared the eLead e-business opportunities with me. It will be a new endeavor for me to switch from engineering to become an entrepreneur, but I know that I have to make changes and take up challenges if I want to change the future of my family. In addition, I was rest assured by my up-lines that it can be my life turning point and it is achievable with the support from iTeam.

I was so attracted to the eLead e-business model, without a second thought I decided to join them though that was the first time that we have seen each other face to face over the Zoom meeting. I was excited that I can work from anywhere and anytime for this startup.

I can continue to focus on my family. I can even continue my business when I am away, in the USA. I believe it could be a good financial plan for my sons as the business could generate passive and multiplicative income as long as I follow the system and methods taught by iTeam on the duplication of the business structures. Furthermore, the business could be passed down to my sons in the future and there is no retirement age limit for me.

There are 13 countries waiting for me to open up the market segments. I can have customers and business partners all over the world, it is not just limited to the USA market. I have reconnected to my friends in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan too. I started eLead e-business during Covid pandemic, but I was able to open up global markets from home while guiding 2 young kids who were doing distant learning at home.

Internet technologies have enabled me to jump start on eLead e-business quickly. I can leverage on iTeam resources and live streaming activities over the internet. Communication between global teams is made easy. I can meet or sync-up with my up-lines, business partners and customers from all over the world virtually via online Zoom meetings or offline chat like WhatsApp. In addition to that, the iTeam Business School (iBS) enables me and my team to learn at our own pace at different time zones to duplicate the business model across the team and across the world.

Through eLead, I have avoided the risk of surgery to remove a cyst on my neck. The health of my family and myself have improved tremendously. Advocating nutritional immunology becomes a new passion for me as I wish to help others to become healthier too. Through sharing and involvement in iTeam activities, I have extended my social circle and also improved in interpersonal skills. In addition, I regained my confidence and I have stepped out to become speaker and sharer in front of the crowds which are new to me.

iTeam culture has touched my heart and kept me motivated along the journey, all members are friendly like a family, contributing selflessly and helpful. Through the iBS and hand in hand coaching from my uplines, I have won the eLead challenge and been rewarded with the Abu Dhabi trip. Furthermore, I was promoted to Triple Crown within 1.5 years.

In the past, pursuing a phD degree was my dream. I quit my job after 7 years to pursue phD and I have achieved it. So I am now embarking on another dream, which is to be a successful entrepreneur with a balanced and happy life in all aspects. Having business partners globally is one of the ways to mitigate the risk of financial crisis and inflation. I will continue to look for business partners in all countries served by eLead.

Change is not fearful! If we have the courage to face the challenges and have done our best to overcome all the challenges ahead, then we will be changing for the better. Perseverance is the key to success!

Shared by:Lee Booi

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