One small step a day, one giant leap to success!

My name is Irene, I’m from Hong Kong and now living in Sydney, Australia. I had a dream since I was a child, I really wanted to get married and have children when I was in my 20s, start a family, and retire early at the age of 50. Don’t need to work for a job, have financial freedom, have a lot of time with family, enjoy life, and travel around the world.

I was born into the average Cantonese family, and grew up in a typical family environment, and every day was full of love. My mother is my Super mum and My dad is my Superhero. The decisions, the sacrifices, and contributions that my parents made for this family because of their love have influenced me deeply.

In the past, I would think that if I worked hard to save every dollar, I would one day be able to make my dream come true. Working hard every day I almost saw my dreams pass by.

“Working hard doesn’t always mean you can get what you want”.

Sometimes I wonder, is it worth to invest time in work?! But how can I achieve my dreams without money?

I arrive at a point at which I started to think about the future of work, time, financial etc. A child only grows once, every day is different, new! And I can accompany him to grow only once, and I don’t want to miss every moment of his growth.

After a period of consideration, and reflection on my experiences, I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey. Although it seems to be a late start, starting at the age of 45, how can I make my dream comes true at the age of 50?! But I believe that if I find the right channels, platforms, systems, and nobles, even if it only takes 5 years, it will definitely be better than working for a lifetime. The distance is getting closer to the destination! At least try to change the runway, there will be no regrets in the future.

Through understanding and being a part of iTeam, I started to learn more about this subject and its products. I understand that this can become a career, a platform that not only has reasonable income, but also passive income and allow me to accompanying my family and watch them grow, the time is independent, and even a wealth channel can be established, a channel to change everything. More importantly, this career can also be passed on to my beloved baby to continue to develop in the future.

On the other hand, what appeals to me about iteam is full of love, an environment where there is no competition for money. Instead, everyone helps, encourages, and supports each other. A place that fulfills positive energy, so that everyone at this harmony can continue to move forward and keep prospering!

iTeam business enable to achieve the freedom of time, financial freedom and being able to accompany family whiles having a career in business.

Women have a mission with different identities. As a daughter, wife, mother, etc., her identity and decision directly affect the health of the entire family and every family member. If I want my child to grow up healthily, I must be wise to provide the correct nutrition and all rounded education. I want a stable family, I must have a suitable income platform, so that I can take care of my family and make money while starting a business. Owning my own family, health, wealth and value, so that I’m not out of touch with the times, I can also build a beautiful home.

The good values you installed into your children, will back to you in the end. I think this is also one of the beautiful cycles of family happiness! This career not only allows my parents to have an easier life and to maintain their health, but it also repays their kindness from me. We can have a better quality of life and allowing the children grow up healthily and without financial pressure, so I don’t need to concern about the financial problem of taking care of my parents and my young child at the same time! For me, this business is a win-win situation!

It’s a beautiful thing to have family trips and be able to do at any time! I don’t need to worry about living expenses every day anymore!

One small step a day, one giant leap to success!


Shared by:Irene Chan

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