Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE

Hi everyone, my name is Kymme and I am a working mother of two.

I work for a digital agency as an account manager and also as a double crown eLEAD distributor.

In a digital agency or advertising agency, it is not unusual to work long hours until late at night and no bonuses are the norm in our line of work. Therefore, if we want to earn extra income, we usually do freelance work.

I work all night to earn extra income, but it’s not the life I want.

For the past few years, when most people were already in bed or were enjoying their weekend, I had to work to complete my freelance projects just to earn an extra RM1000 or more. 

These hard earned money didn’t make me rich, but due to my bad habits and always staying up till 3-4am, my body started to develop many health problems, my immune system became very weak, I had eczema and skin allergies, and I was also having stomach problems and acid reflux. Freelancing was not the right way to earn extra income and eventually I gave up freelancing but spent more money to see a doctor.

Pandemic Brings Crisis in Digital Marketing

During this Covid pandemic, I witnessed a huge crisis in digital marketing.

My clients were from the beauty industry, shopping centers, F&B, all these big companies wanted to put their products and services online, so they allocated a huge budget to build mobile apps and websites. But during the pandemic, their services and products became the least needed and they faced huge losses. Many of them had to shelve their mobile app/website projects because their products and services were temporarily not needed by the community.

Insecure Stability 

As an employee, we put ourselves at risk and our income is vulnerable to the effects of a bad economy. I have many friends and family members who lost their jobs during the pandemic, either due to layoffs or company closures, or who kept their jobs but took a 30-50% pay cut. Last year, my company also suddenly laid off 40% of its employees. Some of my colleagues have not found new jobs until now. These are realities that are happening every day.

Plan B is a MUST! 

I am very grateful that I decided to join the eLEAD iTeam business 5 years ago to build my own Plan B from the early years. When my company downsized, I didn’t feel worried but worked harder on the eLEAD iTeam business to earn USD. I strongly believe that eLEAD has a future, health is the most wanted and important thing for everyone; eLEAD is a company that combines the health industry and e-commerce very well.

eLEAD has a very complete e-commerce system using advanced mobile applications, and all eLEAD members around the world can easily expand  their consumer network and business to the global level. Normal online selling is not the same as e-commerce because you need to process orders manually, pack packages and manage deliveries, all of which take your time and effort. In addition, you can only manage orders for your region and if a friend in Singapore or a friend in the US wants to order from you, you may not be able to deliver the products to them.

Why focus on regions when we can expand globally? 

But eLEAD business can! In the eLEAD app, we can easily place an order in 10 seconds and choose the region we want to ship to. In total, there are 13 countries with eLEAD warehouses, which means we can serve our customers in 13 countries without any hassle, but eLEAD will help us to ship our products to everyone’s doorstep. It’s easy, all we need to do is focus on knowledge sharing and marketing. So I really benefit from this great global system and I managed to expand my network not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Australia and China. All these have helped me to grow my passive income much greater! 

Self belief and hard work will always earn you success! 

Working at eLEAD in my spare time, I have been promoted to double-crown entrepreneur and the passive income I earn exceeds my regular 9 to 5 salary. In addition, I have managed to win 4 five-star travel awards. I went to Inner Mongolia and Japan. These trips were a lot of fun and gave me a bird’s eye view of the world. I also won trips to Yunnan and Abu Dhabi and am looking forward to traveling again with eLEAD members. 

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE 

I am so grateful that I have made myself a better person. In the past, I always thought I had limited potential, but after becoming an eLEAD entrepreneur, I have explored many new possibilities. I used to be afraid of doing video marketing, but now I am an iTeam speaker and I love the new me that is full of confidence and a big smile.

I would like to express my gratitude to my uplines and my team, without their help, I could not have grown as much as I have. I will continue to set my life goals and work hard to achieve them. I believe that if we set our life goals and continue to work hard, we will achieve our dreams!”. 


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