Never Give Up, You Are Stronger Than You Think

Hello everyone, I am Kelvin Yii from Malaysia.

Before joining iTeam, I used to work as a finance manager at multinational corporations for over ten years after getting my MBA degree.

I remember having a rather smooth career progression during the early days of my work-life, continuously transitioning into higher positions within a short space of time.

However, deep down inside, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Hence, I made the tough decision to leave my high-paying job to partner with a university friend and started our very own trading business.

As soon as I started, I realistically felt the pain and hardships of running and maintaining a business. Working for yourself without the safety net of being an employee was a lonely, frustrating and challenging experience.

Over the past 15 years, we have invested a lot of money, time and hard work to nurture and develop our business but on most occasions, nothing was coming up to scratch. Our business was making merely enough to pay off financial commitments and basic expenses.

It was hard for us to endure the fierce competition caused by the growth of globalisation and the rapid expansion of online businesses.

Traditional businesses like ours simply didn’t have a prayer to cope with the harsh environment and fast technological changes.

Just when things were taking a turn for the better, our business was once again affected by the pandemic. We had no choice but to completely shut down the company since we were suffering through negative profits.

Losing my only source of income, I was extremely worried and anxious because I have a daughter studying overseas whom I still have to provide for.

Watching me deal with such a difficult situation, my wife, Janice encouraged me to fully commit to iTeam’s business.

As a technophobe, I was very hesitant at first, but the support and help from iTeam has made me believe that it was possible for someone like me to strive in this career.

For this reason, I’d like to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation to iTeam for providing me with an international online business platform, giving me the opportunity and tools I need to begin exploring into the ever-growing ecommerce industry.

In the iTeam business, I no longer feel like a lone wolf as I now have an impressive team working hand in hand towards our shared dream.

On top of that, the business model itself was developed through a win-win strategy where consumers get value and distributors get the growth they want.

I’d say it is a rather smooth sailing business so long as one is passionate and determined to succeed. Also, with iTeam, I need not worry about sacrificing my personal time because iTeam puts a great emphasis on work-life balance.

After being a part of the iTeam business, I have noticed that I am much happier and content than ever before.

It was truly magnificent to be able to encounter such an amazing group of like-minded iTeampreneurs who are my social support and would always strive for greater success.

All thanks to iTeam for being the ray of hope in my life. Without iTeam, neither of these would have been possible, thereby I invite everyone of you to join our team, our family, our business, and together we grow and thrive.

Yes I Can, Yes We Can.

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