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First of all, I would like to thank my uplines, Chew See and Lee Booi for introducing me to the Elead career.

Hi, my name is Teck Choo, I am from Penang, Malaysia.

I am currently residing in Georgetown, Texas with my American husband, Dave. 

Before migrating to the US, I used to work as a senior system analyst in a MNC.

As a support staff, we’re requested to be on standby mode, and will get calls on the weekend if needed to, so sometimes it will take away some weekend relaxation and fun.

Aside from that, whenever the company is in a bad financial situation, there’s always retrenchment going on at least once a year, and that creates unnecessary pressure on our working life.

Since moving to the US, I have hesitated to go back to the office working life, and we both decided to embrace a single income life, just so another one will be responsible to take care of the routine life’s needs ….. so, I choose to become the stay at home wife, the cook, the fitness motivator, the gardener, the home fixer etc. With that, I am also able to fly back to Malaysia whenever needed, to help take care of my mum.

2 years ago, due to my husband’s health issue, I started to get him to try out Elead products, after learning the positive effects from my friend, Lee Booi who consumes it herself.

Life takes a change from then on.

I am always proud of myself for living a healthy life, non smoker, non alcoholic, and used to be a more active sports person in Malaysia, but still walks occasionally with my husband in the US …..but little that I knew, aside from these, I hardly cared much about the food nutrient intake. Through the learning of Nutritional Immunology, we realized the 4 pillars of a healthy life, and gladly applied it in our daily lives. 

With my husband’s product consumption, and also the realization of a backup plan for another income, which can help in supporting my mum’s nursing expenses in Malaysia as well, I decided to take a try in the Elead career.

By signing up for the Elead membership, I can straight away create my account in IteamWorld, and from there, start learning on my own, regardless of the different time between Malaysia and the US. I have been learning things from YouTube videos all the while, and found no problem with this learning style.

Since everything has been developed to operate online, I have been able to stay in touch with my team who is based in Malaysia, learning the knowledge from the online platform, and approaching my retail markets as far as in Taiwan, HK, SG, Australia and Malaysia. And our distribution network has reached 13 countries so far!

It was both overwhelming and exciting to be back in the real world again, after staying low profile for quite a few years. I have wanted a career which is meaningful and brings a positive impact to the environment and human life, if I have decided to have one again. I am glad I have found it in Elead.

This career has so far helped me in few areas :

  1. The most important, learning the correct health knowledge to take better care of me and my family. 
  2. Resilient from rejections
  3. Speak up and be comfortable sharing knowledge because the world deserves it
  4. Showcase to me a different view on how wealth can be gained without having to sacrifice health or family time  
  5. Become more grateful after talking with people, and realize life is even tougher for others.


I knew there will be more that can be achieved, as I have seen it through my uplines. I look forward to the opportunity to become part of the English Speaking team, and together with my upline Lee Booi who live in California, to expand our market share here in the US.


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