Life begins at the end of our comfort zone

Hi everyone, my name is Yean Fang. After I graduated, I left my hometown for the city to work as an Engineer.

I worked at a Korean BBQ restaurant as a waitress every weekend for extra income.

The life of being an Engineer and part-time waitress lasted for a year. As time goes on, I am fatigued and gain weight because of lack of exercise and improper diet. 

With more social experience, I realised that we shall not exchange money with time

Health Improvement

Due to work pressure, I encounter hormonal imbalance, menstrual pain and my skin condition deteriorates (itchy and full of pimples on cheeks and chin). I have tried many methods to get rid of the pimples on my face including trying various types of skin care products, taking peptides and even getting advice from a doctor. 

Until one day I met Nutritional Immunology (NI). I am very happy that after taking NI product, my skin has completely improved and even my menstrual pain reduces within 6 months. I am so surprised with these amazing results.

Nutritional Immunology is the study of nutrients in natural plants, how the plants nourish the human immune system. I love the science as it has improved my health. And I also understand that this is a great business opportunity that could change my life.

Business Opportunity

iTEAM provides a global online business platform, complete systems and tools for us to create multiplier USD income.

The best part, it is a 24-hour passive income online business model, low investment with high return and no product inventory/logistics required. At our fingertips we can start this business easily. 

iTEAM online business model really attracts me, thus I believe this is the business model that I am looking for.

I’m on the way to my dream life

iTEAM eLEAD business is now my part-time job and it will be my life-time job as well. I enjoy the happiness from the sharing of health knowledge and helping my friends to gain back their health.

I fully focus on iTeam business after my full-time working hour. I believe the efforts that I put in today will create financial freedom and time freedom in the future. More time to spend with my family and travel around the world. 

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. 

Let’s step out of our comfort zone and explore the world. 

Shared by:Yean Fang

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