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I am Gina, from Malaysia, I currently work in a US multinational company as HR Business Partner Manager. I live a nine-to-five life every day and have a happy family.

However, watching the children grow up and have been working for so many years, the higher the position, the higher the work pressure. Sometimes when I get home after work, I am physically and mentally exhausted, and the time to spend with my children gradually becomes limited.

This way, day after day, I often ask myself, am I just going to work until the age of retirement? How long will it take me to save enough to leave the workplace and enjoy life? If I choose to resign, my husband needs to support the financial burden of the family.

Is this what I want?

You’ve always got to have a PLAN B

Next, since the Covid-19 pandemic last two years, my sense of security has been reduced to the lowest point!

Although the company says that employees do not need to worry, the company is very stable and so on. In fact, our personnel department has already begun to prepare a lot! For example, unpaid leaves, force leaves and salary reductions. In fact, these strategies are being implemented from time to time to minimize the company’s losses in the worst case!

Insecure Stability

What I see here is that as an employee, I am very, very passive! Especially for a double-paid family like me, we are experiencing job insecurity — or the fear of losing our employment.

Even to a point, I feel that it doesn’t matter if there is no salary increase or a salary cut, and I am very grateful that I have not been laid off! Even if the most experienced employees are still high-level employees, it may not be safe because their salaries are relatively high. Usually, if the company lays off or reduces the salary, most of them are from high-level positions are impacted. So, in fact, we are also in a very dangerous and insecure position.

In addition, from last year to this year, I have seen one after another multinational companies suddenly announced their withdrawal from Malaysian companies and shifted their focus to other countries. I also often received calls from recruiters asking whether the company I work for is currently hiring employees? Because a certain company suddenly
announced that it would close and move to other countries, their employees were unemployed and looking for work.

When I heard these, it was really a shock to me.
What should I do if this happens to me ? ? ?

But I am very fortunate that I still have plan B, and my plan B started two years ago, and it is e-commerce business, Elead.

I met my upline Chew See by chance and I am very grateful for her to share the trend of Elead with me. When I was a child, I had taken nutritional immunology products, which have greatly improved my health, and I couldn’t agree more with the science of nutritional immunology!

In the first year I joined, I successfully completed the Japan travel incentive challenge.
It was a wonderful trip and unforgettable memory!

Based on my experience as an office employee, not many companies are willing to pay such a large sum of budget to allow employees to enjoy such a good travel incentives, not to mention that the current economic situation is even more impossible!

The business model of eLead is actually very simple and feasible. In fact, I have also achieved the travel rewards myself. Next, I am earnestly following the iTeam strategy step by step to achieve freedom of time and finances. I believe that
choices are more important than working hard!

I sincerely invite you to consider it seriously to join eLead as your plan B, because it can make your dreams come true!

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