Improved eyes and ears infection

My name is Lena Wong from Selangor, Malaysia.

I have been taking eLEAD Global product since 2018. And I have many wonderful moments and experiences with this Nutritional Immunology wholesome food product.

One of my unforgettable moment with eLEAD Global product is Rhapsody and Emunity.

On a bright sunny Tuesday, 15.06.2021. I woke up and was so shock to see that my right corner of the eyes is so red and badly infected.

But I kept calm and was thinking of what solution can fix this problem. If I go to a doctor, he’ll definitely ask me to take antibiotics. I don’t want to take antibiotics as I know it will give my body a lot of burden and side effects.

Then I remember, when I have ear infection I will take Rhapsody and Emunity. It only takes about less than 5 days to heal my ear infection.

So I decided to take Rhapsody  1 pack with Emunity 4 sachets a day during morning and night. On the 3rd day, my redness at the corner of my eyes seems reduce and not as swollen as the first day.

On the 5th day, 19.06.2021, the infection and redness totally subsided. I am thrill and happy that my choices of taking the products to heal the infection is right. On top of that I found out that my skin texture is smoother and brighter after 5 days of consuming large amount of product.

I totally recommend those with eyes and ears infection to take Rhapsody and Emunity. They really work wonders in our body.

Thank you and this is my sharing and my experience with eLEAD Global product. I wish all a healthy and happy life.

Shared by:Lena Wong

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