If you want to go fast, go alone;
if you want to go far, go together

Good day 🙂 I am Len, originally from Malaysia and have migrated to New Zealand about 17 years ago.

Since I graduated from University, I have been practising in creative field (web & design) for over 15 years now. Started being an employee as a graphic & web designer, to setting up my own design studio, life was full of inspiration until I have my little family with two young boys, with no family support in NZ.

Although being self-employed does gives me some flexibility to adjust my time for kids but life has been challenging to my health as I used to stay up late to finish my work after my kids gone to bed. The workloads are huge from design work, clients liaising, to all the paper works etc. Over the years I realised it’s not the kind of work-life balance I pursue for, and how can I support my family both financially & physically if I lost my health and ability to work? What kind of future and life value do I want for my kids?

How I met eLEAD & iTeam

Due to all the late nights and improper diets, I was troubled with a cyst issue for about 2 years, medicines and treatments from specialist didn’t make it go away. In fact, all the medicines I have taken cause additional allergic reaction to me.

At my lowest point in life, I was very blessed that my eldest sister looked after me with Nutritional Immunology products, it helped with my issue and improve my health! I started to get really curious about Nutritional Immunology so I did a lot of reading about it, I really agree to the science and plant-based diet concept! I got really excited that eLEAD products can now shipped to NZ. My sister then introduced Poh Lee to me so I got to know iTeam and eLEAD Global e-commerce business model from her.

Why eLEAD and iTeam

To me, eLEAD business is a great combination of health industry and global scale e-commerce that I can see huge demand from now to future!

Unique products

Based on the science of Nutritional Immunology and excellent quality from every aspect, starting from growing, harvesting, manufacturing to packaging, all exceeding the highest standard than required, makes the products so unique and stand out from other health products in the market. I love the holistic approach towards nutrition by eLEAD, am inspired by the company’s vision and mission. It is truly an industry that not only to benefit myself but others as well.

Global market at my finger tips

I find eLEAD’s marketing plan is a very fair, flexible and powerful! One scheme throughout all countries, orders can be made in a few simple steps via mobile app, and eLEAD takes care of the rest!

iTeam’s global success platform

I am grateful to be part of the iTeam family. “Success is best when it’s shared”, is a team culture that I can see from iTeam’s leaders who gathered their precious experiences to form a complete know-how system for everyone to learn. Hand-in-hand coaching, trainings, online events are provided to help me started and expand in such a short time span. Blessed enough, I managed to be promoted as Crown two months ago, I couldn’t thank Poh Lee and LOVE World enough for a very resourceful, supporting and encouraging environment, so grateful to be backed by a strong team!

Yes I can! Yes we can!

There is a saying:

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

Every one of us has only 24 hours a day, no matter how hard/fast I work, there is a limit. Working with a team with right strategy, great culture and broad vision, the sky is the limit.

I am looking forward to the day when I can fulfil my dream with eLEAD and iTeam, and able to do greater things by sharing health, love and wealth to more people!

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