I want to be a better me!

Thank you iTEAM, thank you to my upline for sharing with me Nutritional Immunology which benefited me, my family and friends. 

Hi, I am Yanice, I’ve been working in a real estate firm as a corporate office leasing consultant for close to 4 years after graduating. My main job scope is to conduct the viewing in different office buildings and prepare paper works. 

Working overtime is required in the industry for urgent proposal preparation and weekend viewing requested by prospects.

The meager salary as a consultant hesitates me from buying a car, vacation and giving more pocket money to my mother. 

Therefore, I started my part-time job as a weekend promoter for a period of 2 years. I worked 7 days a week, sacrificed all the leisure time and time with my family. 

Public holidays have become the day I look forward to the most from there on.

I do understand that my part-time job was not bringing me to a greater future. However, I am thankful for the working experience gained along the journey. 

Besides, I am grateful that I got to know the eLEAD iTEAM business through my colleague from my part time job. 

I used to have very bad sinusitis from childhood till adulthood. My friend saw my situation and introduced me to Chamoment. It surprised me as my sinusitis recovered after 1 month of trying. I no longer suffer from the symptoms and frequency of seizure has been greatly reduced.

On top of that, my family members also benefited from Soygreen and E-munity. My mother no longer needed to take medicine for high blood pressure and my brother was strong and recovered faster from COVID-19 before the vaccine.  

I am happy to share Nutritional Immunology as I know it will help my friends to improve their health

I am glad that I decided to join eLEAD iTEAM business during the COVID-19 pandemic when the government has implemented movement control order (MCO) and most of the industries are required to work from home (WFH). The workload and stress level has increased during WFH. People were worried about job security

At that time, I was not worried because I have income from eLEAD business and I have prepared the Plan B income beforehand. 

I have my own global team a few months after I joined iTEAM and become a VIP after 9 months of joining

In the early stages of joining, the 3 digits USD bonus brings me a sense of satisfaction and hope for the future

As such, I decisively quit my 2 years part time job for a break and to free out my time to focus on eLEAD business. 

I am confident that I can achieve time freedom and financial freedom in the near future. I hope that I am able to help more people to achieve their dream life.

I want to be a better me!

I wish that I could do more for my mother, beloved and family!

And I know that I need to be stronger to be able to do that. 

Yes I Can! Yes we Can!

Shared by:Yanice Chong

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