Discover the 6 signs that indicate your body is aging too fast, and how to reverse it.


Red eyesdroopy eyelidswrinklessagging skin, a dry and dull complexion, and pigmentation are clues that our biological age is higher than our chronological age. Our biological age refers to how well our body functions while our chronological age is our actual age.

So you can look 30 but your biological age could be 40 or moreYour body could be aging faster than you, making you an “old” young person.

6 Signs Your Body Is Aging Faster Than You!


1. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin – The body needs collagen and elastin to maintain a firm, smooth, and elastic skin.

2. Dry and dull complexion – As we age, skin loses its radiance because our cell-turnover rate and hydration level starts to slow down.

3. Pigmentation – Age spots, liver spots, and other pigmentation appear as a result of sun damage and free radical damage.

4. Red eyes – Chronic red eyes could be a sign of chronic inflammation associated with several age-related diseases including osteoarthritis.

5. Droopy eyelids – Droopy lids are caused by oxidative stress which allows free radicals to accumulate and cause cell damage in the body.

6. Joint pain – Joint pain and inflammation in the fingers, knees, hips, and spine are age-related pains.

How to reverse the damage


Chronic inflammationoxidative stress, and free radical damage are the result of eating an unhealthy diet of processed foods and refined sugar.

Eating an alkaline diet made up of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants will help to reverse the damage and restore your youth.

However, collagen cannot be replenished by consuming or applying collagen products as our bodies cannot absorb collagen.

The best way to replenish collagen in the body is to consume plants that are rich in antioxidants such as cactus fruitacerola cherrycranberry, and rose as this improves the body’s own ability to produce collagen.

The wonders of Cactus Fruit

Cactus fruit is rich in antioxidants which are 7 times higher than vitamin C.

According to a study conducted in Italy, consuming 500g of cactus fruit daily for two weeks helps to improve the level of oxidative stress in the human body.

Polysaccharides found in cactus can help regulate the immune system by increasing macrophage activity.

Research done in South Korea also found that the beta-sitosterol in cactus has significant anti-inflammatory effects which can help reduce joint pain.

The goodness of Acerola Cherry and Rose


According to SELFNutritionData, 100g of acerola cherries provide over 2,000% of a person’s daily requirement of vitamin C!

Scientists also discovered that the bioavailability of vitamin C in acerola cherry is 1.63 times higher than synthetic vitamin C.

The vitamin C content found in acerola cherry is 33 times higher than orange juice and in rose, 50 times higher than lemon.

RosyTime – Time To Discover a Younger You!

RosyTime is a rose-scented beverage that contains cactus fruitacerola cherrycranberry, and rose that are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Consuming RosyTime daily helps to stimulate natural collagen production in our body to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. It also helps protect our eyes and prevents osteoporosis while preventing the aging of our internal organs.

RosyTime Helps:

Children – strengthens their immune system and improves their health and growth


Women – makes their skin smoother, softer, and more radiant

Men – improves their general health

Senior citizens – generates collagen to delay aging


RosyTime is your secret to looking younger, not older!


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