Housewives-turned-entrepreneurs have learnt the art of making lots of money from the comfort of their homes.

Are you a housewife? Then you have the capacity to earn as much money as a businessman.

Many housewives are taking advantage of the internet to run small businesses from home. By learning how to maximise the use of social media platforms like WhatsAppInstagramTwitter, and Snapchat, any housewife can become an instant entrepreneur.

Top 3 ways housewives earn money online:
1 Influencer

A successful blogger or Instagrammer who has thousands or millions of users is in a unique position to collaborate with brands to make money through:

Sponsorship– An influencer gets paid by a brand to publish a feature of a sponsored or branded content. 

According to Yahoo Tech, the value of a sponsored post is USD700-800 for Instagrammers with more than 100,000 followers, USD2,000-3,000 for Instagrammers with at least half a million followers, and over USD50,000 per big-brand collaboration for Instagrammers with 1 million followers or more.

Hosting or event appearances – An influencer gets hired to host a product launch, party, or grand opening; or attend brand-sponsored events.

Brand ambassador– An influencer gets paid by a brand to use their products and services to increase brand awareness and sales.

Consultation services– An influencer gets hired to provide advice on blogging to companies and businesses.

Radio shows– An influencer earns money by sharing content on the air through hosting radio shows.

Affiliate marketing – An influencer receives a percentage of online sales generated through a reference from a blog post or banner ad placement.

Affiliate publishing– An influencer earns money from selling their own  products such as ebooks, downloadable content, webinars, or physical products on their blog.

2 Online Personal Shopper

An online personal shopper has connections to online stores with the best deals, discounts, and return policies. They’ll look into every nook and cranny to get the buyer what they want, even if it’s the most obscure thing in the world that no one has ever heard of. 

An online personal shopper has every resource possible to fit the customer’s need, preference, and budget. 

3 Home Entrepreneur

Enterprising housewives who are good at handicraft can earn money by selling what they make at home on online marketplaces like Lazada, 11Street, Amazon and Rakuten.

Others who can’t make handmade gifts sell other people’s products instead like apparel, shoes, bags, jewellery, or even kitchen appliances through WhatsApp

By creating a WhatsApp chat group, they can instantly update their customers by posting updates on the latest products, best buys, or glowing testimonials.

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