Help me lose weight and gain back health.

Hi, I am Mang. I was attached to a corporate company where by my office located at KLIA. Travel from my house in KL to KLIA always very heavy in the morning. If want to prepare nice and healthy breakfast always is a challenge for me. Because of rushing to work, I will just taking outside food to fill up my tummy.

In the past, I don’t like to waste food and ate even when I am full. I didn’t have enough sleep, lacked exercise and was stressed most of the time. Due to all this improper lifestyle, years later sickness started visiting me. I was overweight, and my knee started to give problems. Since my bedroom is on the 3’ d floor, it feels painful when I go up the stairs. I told myself, I needed to do something about it. When Vivian Tan, my upline, heard about my problem she encouraged me to change my breakfast from outside food to soygreen. It’s so convenience and the taste is superb, total 13 type of fruits, Vegetables and soy can be ready to drink within mins. A part from this, she suggested take fibertalk half an hour before meal intake. That was the first step changing my lifestyle by Nutritional Immunology (NI) product.

What NI products really help me?

  • 20 Years Cholesterol level Drop from 2 to 3.7(Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio)
  • Triglyceride Drop from 4.24 to 02
  • Reduce weight 10Kgs, solved my know pain
  • More Energy and feel younger
  • Taste bud more sensitive
  • Baby hair growing

For the past 20 years Cholesterol was high and doctor advised me to take medicine to lower the cholesterol level. But I insist not to take any medication because of worried the side effect impact my health later. After I found the NI products and I started with NI product followed by 7 days diet exchange plan. That improvement of my health was shown in my blood test result. My Triglyceride drop from 4.25 to 1.02 and total Cholesterol /HDL ratio from 6.2 to

3.7. Beside the blood test result, I lost 10kgs weight as well, just image I have been carrying 10kgs rice for past 20yrs. That’s really heavy, now I feel so much lighter and I started go outdoor activities like hiking. Previously I cannot go because I have knee problem and now I feel younger! Beside physical body size change, inner body also younger. My taste bud also change to more sensitive now. I can taste the sweetness from kopi o kosong.

All this while having lost hair problem and now my hair dresser told that little baby hair is growing.

That is not enough. My friend and family also join me on 7 days exchange plan and they also gain back health too. So what are you waiting for. Come and join me, I will work hand in hand with you.

Thank you.

Shared by:Mang Lai Peng

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