Great things never came from comfort zone

I was in IT field for the past 16 years, being dedicated and committed to work, I felt like I was living a comfortable life, I thought I would just work until I retire, until I came across eLEAD business opportunity, ever since then, my life has changed.

Why did I step out of my comfort zone?

My friends were curious as to why I was going into an online business when I already had a good-paying job.

Well, as a mother of 3, what I want to pursue most was time flexibility and financial freedom, so that I could spend more time with my family and discover different values in life! At first, I struggled a bit because I had no connections, no social skills, and no knowledge of social media, but with iTeam’s business strategy and training system, I was able to stand out step by step and learn along the way. I promised myself that I would work hard for 3 years and I was determined to trade 3 years of hard work for 30 years of early retirement!

After 2 years of working part-time at eLEAD, I am already earning more here than I did monthly in my previous 16 years of employment! As an employee, no matter how hard we work, it is impossible to double our income in just 2 years, so I am grateful that I have been able to consistently earn a high income at eLEAD!

In my 16 years of previous employment, I had only been on one company trip. It was just a local trip and it was during monsoon season. However, in the first 4 years of eLEAD’s business, I was able to take a luxury trip to Inner Mongolia, Japan and Yunnan.

We are excitedly looking forward to being in Abu Dhabi next March and traveling to more countries in the near future with our business partners.

eLEAD has enabled my dream of traveling around the world!

I quit my job, but my husband was laid off

My husband fully supported me in working full-time at eLEAD!
My husband said that his job could be the backbone of my business venture, but unexpectedly, he was suddenly laid off! It’s unbelievable that a department of hundreds of people suddenly closed down and our family’s source of income is drastically reduced!

I really can’t imagine how difficult life would be for me and my family without eLEAD’s income! I am so thankful that eLEAD has been our strongest support and we have accepted the fact that my Plan B has become our family’s only source of income.

A big thank you to iTeam, eLead, my family, my uplines, my business partners and my customers. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you all.

My greatest achievement from iTeam is that I have transformed from introverted and reserved personality into someone who can bring positive energy to my team and family!

If you are insecure about your future and constantly worry about whether you will get a pay cut or be laid off. Be part of iTeam that can improve our quality of life, because the health industry and e-commerce are big trends now and they will remain trends in the future.

I have already turned this into my lifelong career!

We Only Live Once, just Make A Difference.
Looking forward to having you on our team! Let’s make our lives better together!

Shared by:Chew See

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