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I have been working in IT industry for more than 20 years, currently working in a multi-national oil and gas company – A Forbes Global 50 / Fortune Global 500 company.

I have been working in the same company for more than 12 years and this year I am reaching 45-year- old, I joint as a solution analyst working my way to current position as Lead Data Engineer/Architect. The company has been cutting the IT budget for few years now so the expectation to get any promotion is not possible. 

At my company, where layoffs happen every 2 years, middle management is most at risk, and if 40+ like me lose our jobs, it won’t be easy for us to get hired again (“not easy” is also an understatement), definitely it will take very long time, won’t be the same salary range and position level too. This is especially true in the IT industry, either because the employers prefer younger and cheaper workers, they don’t believe that senior employees can still learn new IT skills fast enough. Of course, younger employees presumably are healthier, have fewer personal commitments i.e., family, kids etc., and presumably more time to dedicate to work.

Personal Health Deterioration

As everyone knows IT industry is a very competitive industry that demands long working hours, frequent travelling, working late every day, the stressful and demanding working environment, not to mention the fierce competitions with everyone else to even stay not to be made redundant have causing me to not able to sleep well and health deteriorated gradually and significantly for the last 10 years. I have multiple issues with my liver for many years, very high cholesterol as well. I always feel tired, and not able to concentrate at work, can’t sleep at night, and always feel hungry, of course my weight increased to 92 kg from 62 kg 12 years ago when I joint the current company.

Turning Point

One day in April 2022, I saw the post by CHEW SEE and her husband in Facebook sharing about information regarding health and the eLead products that can help. I approach her and she introduced me the “iSlimming 7 days Diet Exchange Plan Challenge”, as per writing I am finishing 11 weeks of following this incredible diet plan and I managed to lose 14kg already. Although I am still not yet reached my plan is to go back to 62kg, I already feel totally different now, I can concentrate on work and don’t always feel tired anymore too.

Plan B

After I use multiple eLead products myself, I can safely say that the products are good, they are really can help to improve people health, health is the most important perspective in any one life. Nowadays everyone is so busy to make a living until the extend that most people are neglecting their own, health until issues arise, and if eLead products can help them regain health is the best solutions. It would be a waste not to take this as an opportunity to start my own journey to leverage and start my business with.

It’s time now or it will be too late!

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