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Hi everyone! I’m Yen Ching, I was an Account Executive and promoted to Finance & Operation Manager during my 10 years servicing in an IT Company.   In order to have good career future, I’ve decided to pursued part time of Degree in Business Accounting and finally completed my Degree in Business Accounting in 4 years.  But my Degree Certificate does not bring me to salary increment or promotion.

Everyday work for monetary from 9am-6p, wake up early and stuck in the traffic jam for more than one hour. I’m an introvert person and don’t like to talk much and preferred quietly completed my daily task.  Might be due to this reason, seldom chit chat with colleagues and offended colleagues without noticed, and working environment have lot of negative energy.  I don’t have confident to step out to look for other opportunity.  Thus, continue to stayed in current company until my health has gone to downhill.     I started to consume Nutritional Immunology product and regained my health.  But due to the product still expensive, I tried to consumed whenever I need it to save the expenses cost.

In Year 2020, I was experienced miscarriage.  My emotion was turn to deep downhill again.  It is not easy for me to get pregnant at this high age.  I feel that I don’t have hope and have the thought to giving up my health.  My blood report shown that my health condition is not so good, my blood palettes was lower than normal range and one of the tumor markers was a bit high.  Doctor also found there is something at my right-side thyroid.  Thus, referred me to hospital for further checking.  But doctor unable to find out the cause of blood palettes reading under normal range.  My health condition trigged me to think of, health really doesn’t matter for me?

I started to take care of my daily meal, having a balanced meal and started to consume Nutritional Immunology Products.  I’ve also participated in 7-days Meal Exchange Plan and the result was amazed, my health condition was improved. 

But unfortunately, my blood palettes condition was no improvement.  Thus, I decided to invest another set of Nutritional Immunology Product and finally after 3-6 months later, my blood palettes reading was back to normal. 

After miscarriage, my husband requested me to quit my job and my health condition also not allowed me to continue to work.  Thus, I tendered my resignation.  And I’m jobless without income.  During NO INCOME period, I was spending my own savings including my insurance and other household expenses.  But if I’m not looking for another Plan B, my savings will become Zero in the near future. 

I know that at my age right now, it is difficult for me to get a new job. My husband intention is to get me to find a job which is relax, no stress.  But where to find this kind of job? 

My brother, sisters’ health condition also went to downhill and need Nutritional Immunology Product support to regain their health.  But with No Income, how can I support them? 

I don’t have the bullet, monetary to support and help them to regain their health.  I want to buy product for them to consume, I want to support them financially, no need to worry about inflation, no need to worry about monetary, no need to worry the item wanted to purchase is it expensive? I wish to support my brother if he facing any cash flow problem in his business.  But with NO Income housewife, how do I support them?  How can I achieve it?   Thus, I’m actively involved in learning iTeam eLead Career Business. 

Fortunate my upline, Poh Lee always provide encourages and guidance.   iTeam eLead Business is a Health Wellness Industry Trend and eCommercie Trend.  There are 13 countries market segments which allowed me to have international business career with foreign currency earning while located in my own country – Malaysia.  I don’t need to work abroad in order to earn foreign currency.  I can start my Global Online Business with one mobile phone on hand.  It is fast and simple for me and anyone to start and the registration is free NOW. 

 I no need to worry about the logistric or inventory, company will manage the logistic and inventory.  What I need to do is SHARING.  WITH iTeam eLead Business, I can have Health, Family, Time and Wealth and there is no sacrifice of any one of it.  Hard work for 3 years to Gain 30 Years accomplishment. 

There are 11 product package and 7 builders market for us to open the market segment globally.    Additionally, iTeam have ready build system such is ITeam Business School (IBS), ITeam Website, iTeam Wechat  to guide us to the success.  There are a lot of success story and experience shared by the tutor for us duplicate and copy at any time no matter where you are.  iTeam also provide the use of CPR System and MDS System for free for us to gain the network through social media platform.  It is a 24 x 7 online Learning Platform for me to learn, start sharing.  I don’t need to be a expert of Sales Oriented, what I need to do is “Learn & start sharing”.

Due to unable to get pregnant successfully, my husband convinced me to consult doctor for IUI or IVF.  Doctor giving hormone pills to check the reaction of my ovaries.  But unfortunately found out a 4cm size cyst and the cyst seems like abnormal.  Doctor advised to do the tumor marker test and fortunately the tumar marker reading was normal.  And doctor advised to eat hormone pills again.  I was eating hormone pills again and again due to the cysts since the past 1-2 years.  After discuss with a friend, decided to consume eLead product, and with elead product, my cyst was reduced to 1.9cm.  My health was extremendously improved and I wish to to help others to become healthier too.   Since ever I quit from my job, my social circle is limited to my own family and I have no confident to go out meet with friends and fellow ex-colleagues.  I wish to extend my social circle and improve my interpersonal skills and step out confidently, be a bright new of me.

iTeam culture has touched my heart, all team members are so friendly, acting like a family.  I can feel the warmness in iTeam family,  everyone are so helpful and supporting each other.  And I wish to open my heart fully without fear in the near future.

Shared by:Yen Ching

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