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Treat sensitive issue seriously

Celebrity shares how to go through the life of battling with a sensitive issue, and her final choice is…

When she found out that she is suffering from asthma back in 20 years ago, she realizes she is not only suffering from the bronchial infection but as well as asthma too. That time, with filming, cold weather and always wake up early in the morning, she started to cough non stop. Later then, she having difficulty in breathing and found out her health problem.

Anti-sensitive tips 1: Change bedsheet regularly

After daughter was born, Ji Qin found out that her daughter is suffering from atopic dermatitis. While Ji Qin and her husband are having the same problem as well. In order to help the whole family control asthma and atopic dermatitis, Ji Qin always cleans up every single corner of the house. On top of that, she will avoid wearing a sweater and change bedsheet every 2-3 weeks. In addition, she will use alcohol disinfection method to clean her children’s product so that allergy problem can improve. They also moved to Yi Lan to have a better environment.

Anti-sensitive tips 2: Establish anti-sensitive concept to her children
As some of the food can cause allergy reactions, thus she is very concern about the children’s diet. She will avoid giving fried and sweet food to her children. However, children will always have the desire to try the fried chicken and other food, thus whenever she goes out for dinner and gathering, she will let her children choose their food. However, when at home, she will pay extra attention to her children’s health, she will give nutritious foods and provide many fruits and vegetables to them.

Anti-sensitive tips 3: Stay close to nature
If you want to control allergy problem, then you need to get close to nature. Go for a morning walk in the garden or jungle, absorb the fresh air as it will help our body to develop a defense system. In the past when they live in the city, her children will always want to watch TV or play iPad, but now her children’s leisure is to pluck the fruit from the farm, and get close to nature.

Anti-sensitive tips 4: Drink 1 cup of healthy drink in the morning

As she is having allergy and asthma problem, whenever she comes in contact with cold air she will sneeze non-stop, thus she makes a habit to drink a cup of healthy drink in the morning to stay hydrated and antioxidant. Apart from preparing fruits and vegetables to the families, she will also take good care of her hostel guest by providing fruit juice, fruits tarts, fruits, salads, and protein. This is because she hopes everyone can maintain a healthy body and have a good immune system. When your body has a good immune system, you will naturally less sickness.

Do not ignore the importance of nutrition to your child’s health

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Is it possible to replace a balanced diet with vitamin/mineral supplements?

Most of the people will think that integrated vitamins or mineral supplements can provide the necessary nutrients to our body as it marked with the United States daily recommended intake (RDA) label, however, this can only be used as a reference for nutritional intake. Nutritionist points out that this is more suitable to malnutrition people. For most people, the daily intake of nutrients is actually lower than the RDA standard.

Is Phytofit different from full cream milk?

Full cream milk contains animal proteins and cholesterol, whole phytofit only contains soy proteins without cholesterol. According to nutrition immunology, soy protein is easier to absorb by the body, thus it is more beneficial to health.

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Phytofit is suitable for:

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Protein is the must-have nutrients in our body. No matter how busy our life is, the body needs protein to be more healthy and energetic!

From today onwards, drink Phytofit to let our body absorb protein and provide energy to us!

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