Women, family and career
Can only choose one?
I want both!

I’m Angel Yeo from Malaysia. A mother of two, formerly a Marketing Manager from a Multi-National Company. I have been a step by step, follow the rules, and the lucky girl since I was a child.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Land Surveying. Like most people, I started my job after graduating, changed only 3 Information Technology (IT) related jobs in 15 years. From a Software Engineer to a Product Manager to a Department Manager with a 5-figure Malaysia Ringgit monthly income.

My department achieved target every month. The benefits of the company are good too. I have also been appointed by the company to attend business meetings in Las Vegas and Thailand.

In addition, I have a good husband. His is mine and mine is mine too.

I’m a woman with a happy family and a job

Life is like donuts!

Outside of the donut is full, like my life, my family and my work
But the heart is empty

Earning a promising pay and do my responsibility
It’s ironic that I went to work at 8:00 every morning and get off work at 9:00pm
Very little time to really spend with children
Often when the kids went to bed, I had to continue working overtime to finish work, even on weekends

Occasionally, when my family calls me, I just say a few words and hang up the phone.
Every day is so busy, dazed and blind, repeating the same life

Life is getting out of balance. 

Dont become Slave to Money

On December 31, 2019
I had already promise my husband and children to go for the New Year count down 
When my husband took the children to participate in the countdown
I was sitting alone in a nearby cafe
Sweaty palms rushing to submit the company’s year-end sales report

When I was about to put away the computer
My husband suddenly got annoyed and said to me:
Next time if you don’t have time to play with them, don’t promise them!

I will always remember that moment, I felt very guilty
I told myself I don’t want to trade time for money anymore
I resolutely quit my 15 years high-paying job

Grasp the trend and grasp the future!


The emergence of eLEAD Global requires only a mobile phone
To develop International Multiplier E-commerce
Isn’t Health and the Internet the trend of the present and the future?
The professionalism and charm of Nutritional Immunology products
Plus iTEAM Business School built by iTEAM
Allows me, the entrepreneurial novice, with no huge capital
Have a complete set of training systems and development tools
To build our own team step by step
Under the development training of the team
Slowly began to build up our strengths in all aspects
Grow our business through the web

I can control when and where I work
Create own ideal working pattern
Accompany my children to learn and grow together
Also have more interaction and topics with my children

The iTEAM Business with Multiple Harvests

Work-life balance paired with Nutritional Immunology Functional Food
I lost 11kg from 59kg in 2019
Let me regain my pre-marriage weight of 48kg
From an aunt to a beautiful young woman
The happiest thing is that now I look younger than my husband!
And my social circle is getting bigger and bigger, and I have more friends now
Through continuous improvement and learning, my self-confidence has also improved
Now I can completely decide and arrange my daily schedule
Life becomes healthier, fuller, and more meaningful

Choice is More Important than Effort

Grateful to meet iTEAM’s comprehensive education and support system
Giving me the opportunity to participate to work 3 years in exchange for 30 years
Grow up with a group of like-minded family and friends and realize more dreams together
Become a veritable Happy Engineer, with work-life balance

After 2 years of hard work, I handed in a beautiful report card for myself
I successfully challenged the eLEAD Global Yunnan Expedition
At the same time, I successfully become ELITE ranking of eLEAD Global and got the highest dividend ratio
Grateful for the brave decision I made 2 years ago

There are really not many 1O years in life!
I can do it and so can you!
Welcome to start a business with me
Be the master of your own life!


Shared by:Angel Yeo

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