Every experience in life makes us who we are today

My name is Nico. I am a full-time mom with two kids. I have been doing part time modelling during college period. After graduation, I went to Singapore and worked as an engineer for about 4 years. I don’t really like working in this industry. After getting married and having a child, I don’t want to miss the child’s growth process, so I choose to be a Stay-at Home Mom.

Also, because my elder son was born prematurely. I Started to do some fashion related home-based business. Because it is my interest and the most important is I can control and arrange my own time. Unfortunately, I lost my health because of the overwhelming workload and also taking care of a premature baby at the same time is really tiring.

I am the kind of person who don‘t believe in supplements especially the product that come from direct sales platform. By the time I plan to have a second child, I’m worry about what if I have another premature baby. So, I decided to give a try on Nutritional Immunology (NI) product to recuperate my body. As a result, I really felt a great improvement in my immune system.

I started to figure out what the science of nutritional immunology is and the difference of it with other supplements. I truly understood and agree with the science behind the product, then both my children also started to consume and benefited in term of health.

I heard from my upline that the whole family could continue consuming the product without using our own pocket money by sharing with friends and others. So, I started to get in touch with iTeam business. I found out that iTeam business not only improves our health and other people’s but also I can have flexible schedule to arrange my daily routine.

Most importantly, this career can also be passed on to the next generation which I feel the time I spend in here is definitely worth it. With so much of benefits, I decided to give full commitment into this career. Because of my sharing, it has helped many pregnant ladies and children to be healthy. Some customers even became my business partners.

After joining iTeam, the biggest gain is, of course, that the child is healthy. I will no longer be exhausted from running to the hospital. Now, I able to pay for my whole family’s NI products. And having a 4-digit USD income allows me to help out my family financially and reduce the burden on my husband.

Because the previous financial capacity did not allow me to have my dream dining area at my house. However, after joining iTeam, I rewarded myself and finally able to renovate my dining room with my own money.

In iTeam, I learned to manage my goal and found the life I want. After one and a half years of running the iTeam business, I had achieved the company’s highest VIP ranking with Triple Crown.

I’m now having more confident in myself and I believe I can have a better life as long as I am still in iTeam.

When you see an opportunity, don’t think too much, go ahead and step forward.

Every Experience in Life Makes Us Who We Are Today.


Let’s Use Our Experience To Help Others Become Better.


Yes I Can, Yes We Can!

Shared by:Nico Chong

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