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Hi everyone, I am Bteng from Kedah, Malaysia. 


I have worked in the Financial Industry for more than 10 years since I graduated. I always work overtime and even back home at midnight in order to clear the workload after training or an event. I feel very exhausted and I always envy my friends who can spend more time with their family and friends after working hours. 


Not only that, the work stress made me unable to sleep well and even my face popped up with a lot of pimples. As I’m a frontliner, the pimples made me feel embarrassed and I’m not confident when I meet customers. At the same time, my body started to give me signals when I resigned. Almost every week I need to see a doctor because of sickness, cough and flu.  I thought I would be better if I changed to a new working environment.

I joined the new company on Jan’2020 and I started to realize everything’s still the same if I still work in the same industry. As part of my job scope is to build and train the agent which causes me to stay back after working hours or even work during weekends. I’m aware this is not the work life I want and I didn’t wish to continue to work like this until I retire.  It won’t help with my work life balance goal and financial freedom goal when I retire. 

Furthermore, I feel insecure especially during the Covid lock down as I can foresee being laid off anytime.  At the same time, I also aware I need to get a backup income and I should start look for any alternative plan B since I yet be a confirmed staff and anytime can be layoff by the company.     

I started consuming
Rosytime in Jan’20 and after four months, I can see the result especially on my face. Not only less pimples and the redness also becomes better

I strongly agree that our immune system is the best doctor that helps prevent diseases. With further understanding of Nutritional Immunology, I am aware that not only do we need work-life balance, we also need to consume balanced nutrition in order to have better health. 

Why eLEAD Global iTEAMWorld ?

After further exploration and joining a few online events by eLEAD iTEAM, I decided to start my Plan B Career Path in eLEAD iTEAM in 2021.   

With the current eCommerce Trend, what you need is just a phone with internet. This career is suitable for everyone as no capital is needed and we can also expand the business to the International Market. Besides this, we also do not need to worry about the product packing and product delivery as the company will settle for us. This platform definitely suits me especially for those who are office workers and busy like me.  

Moreover, iTEAM provides us a complete training no matter on product knowledge or soft skill.  I can even self-study nutrition knowledge through the Website when I’m in the gym room or driving. Additionally, the strong team support from iTEAM always makes me full of positive energy and energetic.


I am glad that I started this business and I truly appreciate my upline who introduced it to me and thank you to myself for choosing eLEAD iTEAM as my plan B.  

I believe not only will I be able to enjoy the work life balance goal through this platform, I can also achieve financial freedom and enjoy early retirement in future as well.  I always tell myself, if you don’t put in 70% of the effort, even when 30% of the luck or opportunity comes, you cannot grab it. That’s why I believed the quote of “3 years effort for 30 years better life” 

If you need a

  1. Side Income 
  2. Plan B 
  3. Financial Freedom
  4. Better Health Life 
  5. Time Freedom 
  6. Early Retirement
  7. Work-Life Balance

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Shared by:Bee Teng

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