Don’t Think Too Much, Act On It Now!

Hello everyone, good evening

My name is Samantha Chee, from Malaysia. 

I want to thank iTeam for giving me this opportunity to be able to share with you all WHY I VENTURE INTO THIS BUSSINESS.

I was introduced to eLEAD products back in Nov 2019 by my upline Siew Cheng.

In the beginning, I was attracted to the product itself, nothing about the business at all!  I was purely a consumer then.  Rosytime was the very first product that I encountered.  After consuming Rosytime, I was IMPRESSED & AMAZED even on the first week.  I can feel the big difference.  That really gives me the WOW factor!!  That was where I started to be interested in The Science of Nutritional Immunology.

In the past, me and my business partners invested in almost half a million to start a café business but later sold off the business at a lost.  Later, my alternative investment business was badly hit & I need to seriously look for a NEW plan – which I see everyone is calling it a PLAN B in the social media now.

The one question that always linger in my mind ever since I know my upline is why she can sustained herself in this business until today and that is already over more than 20 long years. 

The power of multiplication is one of the reasons.  I wish I know this 20 years ago, but still not too late for me. In iTeam business, you can multiply as many branches as you want without even forking out half a million for each branch.  Isn’t that good?  

How much income you want to generate from each branches, it is all depend on how much time and effort you put in.  BIG time or SMALL time, you make the call

I decided to give it a shot because the products do speak into my life & it is a turning point for my health condition.  Not only that, my family members and friends are blessed by the science of Nutritional Immunology and it benefited their health too.  Powerful, right?  Niche and good products is the factor of my consideration, especially with its over 30 years of track records for the science of Nutritional Immunology, carries the weight. 

All of us will retire one day.  When we are retired and we have nothing to do, it will be super boring.  I have been through that, not because I am retired already but because I was sick at one point of time and I just can’t do anything.  

When we are retired, we can’t afford to keep digging our savings. This business is definitely good because while sharing The Science of Nutritional Immunology to kill time, we will have income coming in too.  Good, right?  Of course, we have to start building now – 3 years for 30 years!! 

I am so greedy – I want both health and wealth. Who doesn’t?? 

iTeam platform is such a convenient online platform. Just a click away.  I can work from anywhere and anytime, as long as I have my mobile phone with me.  This business is definitely a good choice for me because I love to travel.  In iTEAM, I want to travel FOR FREE!! Wohooooo!

There is a saying by Lao Tzu, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Don’t think too much, act on it now! Time waits for no man.

I really want to thank my direct sponsor once again.  It is because of her CONSISTENCY in follow upping on me, that is why I am here today.  I am forever grateful.

I do hope my sharing has blessed many of you who are reading now. Let’s enjoy the journey together in this HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER & HAPPY CAREER!

Yes I Can!

Yes We Can!

Thank you.

Shared by:Samantha Chee

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